Now I Blog Too!

Slowly I have waded far deeper into the social MEDIA waters then I ever anticipated and I better swim fast!

First Facebook. What can I say, this is still a favorite. Supposedly it is passe’ but I don’t care…and so what if I did just branch out to a new page titled Hopeservations so that it could link to my Blog and now I feel like a baby learning to walk again? I am going to fall…but I still love it.

You wanna go check it out, click here…

Then Pinterest was the rage, I shunned it. Guess what? Now I have Pinterest. Thanks to Sadie and my mother’s continual insistence. So okay – I must admit…secretly, I REALLY like it. I got boards upon boards. You name it. You need a motivational meme, recipe for Beef Wellington, or inspiration for a Boho themed bathroom project? Hold up. Got it!

Hey, go follow me!

Next, Instagram was IT and again, I poo poo’ed and opps, I Insta too. Yup, I am so Insta – cool…I drop the gram. *head nod* All thanks to Abby & my bestie Paula Waula. Turns out – they were right! After all these years, I love it! I dig the filters. They make everything & every ONE look great…and who doesn’t like pictures? I like pictures. Do you like pictures? There are so many cool and beautiful pictures in the world! Not to mention the hashtags. Hashtags are fun!

I love me some Insta – see for yourself!

Then came Snapchat, and WHOA…was that EVER the thing for all 20somethings and under!?! Which, I am not! I scoffed, “what was the point!?” Guess again? I Snap & Chat WITH THE BEST OF THEM. Of course it usually is of sunrises…but hey, I am doing it. This was mostly in part to my overwhelming curiosity to figure “what the hell” is so intriguing about it and many of my 40something friends jumping on board in an effort to keep up with their kids. So…yeah, it is kind of silly fun and “whatever.”

Of course we can’t forget LinkedIn! Yup – got that one also. You know, the one where all the “professional”ish people go to get “linked” ‘professional”ly. What a hoot. Everyone basically posts the same stuff as everywhere else only because it is a tad more business minded & “polished” it somehow is more thought provoking and CONNECTED. You know, the place where you can get “real time insights for warm outreach” Yeah – I get it. I have my cred’s listed. Kinda. I sort of can’t take myself that seriously…but maybe I should? *shoulder shrug* I went to school, I graduated, I know what I do. ‘Nuff said.

I am linked IN people!

My next big hold out for many years was…TWITTER! Oh boy…I told myself…I was never gonna twitter a tweet about a tweeting thing! After-all, really? Who can say what they need to say in 140 characters?!? Heck, even Twitter recognized the difficulty and doubled it. *insert groan* Like the last dominoe that falls…I now have had a Twitter account @Hopeservations since December 21, 2014 and *gulp* I tweet. The day I started was hysterical… Much to my partial chagrin and full on mockery of Abby and her bff Mia, who both in turn tweeted about my inept ability to twitter. Oh yeah, I was “the mom” they were “rolling on the floor laughing” about. Literally.

Need I say more…
…I am here too.

…and NOW…tahhh dahhh…ohhh darlin’ me…I BLOG too.

“Say it ain’t so Joe.” Nope, can’t say it ain’t so cuz it’s soooo here!

Finally after years of Hopeservations in all shapes and forms, laying lots of ground work, learning about self-hosting, and registering a domain name, I was ready! Or so I thought because then the Universe was like, “yo – I heard you like challenges…so watch this.” And watch this I did, I watched scads of YouTube videos, played with widgets (yes, widgets is a thing), plugins, Jetpack, navigating dashboards that somehow have like 37 ways to get to the same place but how did I get there? Then because that wasn’t challenging enough, and I like growth upon growth *face palm* it continued with mobile versus desktop dashboards, html’s, code (what, what?), researching themes, setting color schemes from color pickers and color codes (who knew), menus, downloading media, how to create a signature, becoming an Amazon affiliate (more on that later), plus all the other infrastructure blogger beginning bits that barely scratch the surface and somehow have nothing to do with ACTUALLY writing…oh, and consulting a numerology calculator (don’t laugh because yes, I actually did) – I have FINALLY thrown my hat in the Blogging World ring and I am official! Yup. After years and years of hearing, “you know what you should do…” I did.

Hopeservations, full site!

So listen peeps…plan on reading, subscribing, sharing and following this bouncing ball because I post, I pin, I insta, I snap, I link, I tweet…and Now I Blog Too!

Go in love,

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