Why You Won’t See Advertising…Yet!

Dear friends, family & “follow” readers,

As many of you know, I started my Hopeservations blog 01.01.2018…and am I super excited! To follow up, I started a Hopeservations Facebook page to promote my blog. To say I appreciate all the well wishes, followers, private messages, visits by my office door complimenting & congratulating the site, subscribers, hits, clicks, shares, etcetcetc would be an understatement. And while I am just as excited as the next blogger to eventually monetize my site, one thing you WILL NOT see on my site RIGHT NOW is generic advertising. It has it’s appeal and sure, I could (and in time will) add advertising (trust me, it isn’t difficult and has a place) but for now, I want to create a relationship & community with my readers. After all, that is what this is truly all about and my ultimate goal! It is about writing and connecting with YOU, the beloved reader!

Besides, would I invite guests to my home and then ask them for money? No!

That is, in a sense, the same thing. To my way of thinking, you simply don’t put up a website/blog, post one or two articles for your readers and then start advertising! Well, maybe some do but in the spirit of graciousness and building relationships, I don’t. Hopefully you are coming to visit to read my content, not because you have some great desire to click on advertising! Not yet anyway! In time, once we have built a relationship and you recognize that what I advertise I personally care about, endorse and would use or stand by myself. But for now, in the true spirit of blogging – I want to write, and I want you to come read for pure pleasure and enjoyment. You may see promotions of community endeavors, or links to/or about something important and/or of interest to me but my promise to you for now, you WILL NOT find generic advertising that is in no way related to Hopeservations!

Like it, love it, subscribe to it!

Instead, give me feedback, suggest ideas of what you might care to read about, let me in on what’s important to you! I have a truly AMAZING diverse group of family, friends and blog/Facebook followers with so many interests. This is an authentic journey! Until then your continued support simply by subscribing, following, liking, sharing, clicking, and being a loving endorser is enough for me and as always…

Go in love,

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