A Message of Thanks!

This is a message of thanks because here it is July 21st and the birthday wishes, comments, emails, direct messages, texts, calls, cards and LOVE keep coming this way! All week, I have been blessed with surprise gifts, lunches, lots of outings doing what I love most, little trinkets, lunches & dinners with my husband, mom, family and friends!

To say I am grateful to those who make my life full would be an understatement.

So I extend my thanks to family, friends and followers near and far…for your part in making me smile and feel special.

The love we give and receive are our riches and I am indeed a Rich woman!

Now – I am off to continue my lovely, relaxing day at the beach sitting under my umbrella, feet up, watching my babies play, husband fish and listening to my chill reggae!


As always…

Go in love,


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