Thanks Giving Every Day

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

We all want to live a happy life, so we have to learn to live together in trust and mutual respect. We do have differences of race, nationality, religious faith and so on, but these differences are secondary in comparison to our equality in being human. – Dalai Lama

Show gratitude everyday! Be grateful for your friends, loved ones, family and all those in and out of your circle of life…and even when we feel certain we come from a place of “knowing,” refrain from it as it leads to judgement.

What appears obvious, might not be what it seems at all. Be kind, rise above… You’ll be glad you did because life can change in an instant, a moment, the blink of an eye. 

We say it so much and many of us have even lived it first hand, right? We “know” better! So we should “do” better. It has almost become a cliche platitude…but we mean it…RIGHT?! Or so we tell ourselves and in our hearts, we believe ourselves too. 

None of this is new, it is simple. Isn’t it? Ohhhh, but we are human. So very, very human. 

Do we truly walk our talks or do we fall short in moments of impatience, hurts or in the face of our own shortcomings? Do we extend this to everyone or just to those in our circle and those that we feel compassion towards due to circumstances clearly beyond their control. Do we extend our kind thoughts and words to those that may have burdened or vexed us or that we may not see eye to eye with? Are we thankful for them? Do we treat them with love, patience and gratitude? 

It is hard yet continue to be kind in your thoughts, be mindful with your words, be gracious in your gestures…we will still fall short from time to time and that will be okay, yet continue to try. Try every day!

Above all else go in love for you truly never know when it may be your last moments with a person or opportunity to show your gratitude for their role in your life. Because at the end of the day we all want a happy life and we are equal in being human. 

…and as always,

Go in love,


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