Hopeservations & Pura Vida Volleyball Come Together

Hopeservations & Pura Vida Volleyball come together!


Who doesn’t love a welcome like that when you get your first fun package of GOODIES from an amazing company?

In this case, the company happens to be PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL!

So…I’m super excited to announce that I have the opportunity to represent Pura Vida Volleyball as a brand ambassador!

Some of you may wonder what that means exactly?!

Well…we know I’m a volleyball mom who already loved and bought Pura Vida Volleyball products for myself and the girls (on the regular) and shared the love of those products with others!

Only now, I will continue to share that amazing love on my social media’s in exchange for some free or drastically discounted items!

My hope is to eventually have a more intentional relationship with Pura Vida Volleyball, what that may look like or where that may lead, I have no idea?!?

Yet…I have my own ideas and fun thoughts for the future that I’ll keep to myself…with hopes they happen, and until then, we’ll keep baby stepping toward new and exciting goals!

However, in the mean time…

Here are some things I learned as I ripped open the adorable packaging (like a kid in a candy store I might add) and checked out the products I’d been sent…


I learned GOOD things DO come in small packages!

I learned the quality of PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL products are always amazing and each individual item had something unique to offer that sets it apart from its competition.

I learned Pura Vida means “Pure Life” and after a trip to Costa Rica they fell in love with that life style and motto, so when the company owners decided to start an apparel clothing brand for Volleyball Players – they took the two things they enjoy most about life, Volleyball and living life to the fullest…and ta-da’ PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL was born with the slogan, “Love the game of volleyball and start living a Pura Vida Life…It’s Pure Volleyball!”

I learned not only do they sell great products but they are creating a Lifestyle Brand, “Be Inspired, Live Life, Help Others” as they are building a movement to give back to others in need.

Through strategic partnerships with organizations dedicated to making the world a better place, they make sure a portion of every sale goes towards helping create a better life for others with their aim to make a difference with human trafficking and world hunger everywhere. They even have a count of monies contributed on their website!

My Hopeservations and “A place to find Hope everyday” can definitely support and be a brand ambassador to that!!!

Besides…let’s be honest mom’s!!!

PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL is ALWAYS the booth to shop when traveling the tournaments! Because when your daughter JUST has to have THAT tourney shirt, where do we go?!?


Isn’t it nicer to know your money is going back to something bigger then just to someone’s pockets?!? Afterall, their website says, “Profits from your purchase will impact someone else’s life.”

Now, get to their website


and do some shopping or stop by their booth at any volleyball tournament and tell them Hope from Hopeservations sent you!!!

…and as always –

Go in love,


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