Who’s Ready for Summer?

These faces are my reason for celebrating!

Okay people this is off my typical Hopeservation topics but that is what’s great about Hopeservations, it can really be an observation about ANY’thing and the thing I’m observing right about now is giving a huge nearly there, year end shout out because we are in the home stretch babeeeee’!

All my social media’s (primarily FB) are littered with proud parent’s posting pictures of their children’s accomplishments, graduation status and the like…and yeah…mine are coming too!
Oh you betcha they are and thank goodness for them too because it makes the final few days to the finish line well worth it.

All the nights checking homework, going through folders, being reminded by one child 101 times about their field trip form to the point of obsessive, yet some how another child’s was last minute and created household hysteria at 7:00 in the morning when not only is a signature needed but, “hey Mom, it’s my turn to bring Gatorade for the team!” Greeeeattttt…let me wave my magic wand.

Multiple sporting schedules, practices that sometimes double and triple up a night, the finely orchestrated wheels turning, with pick ups and drop offs, and no hick ups allowed. And then let’s ask ourselves, how many clubs and activities can a child be a part of? Apparently at least one, possibly even two for every day of the week. Don’t forget the pick up from that.

Projects that I was pretty sure would get forgotten, end of the year course exams that have caused more tears and anxiety then should ever happen to an eighth grader and left me thinking it might put either me or my kid in the hospital and I started to question if med management might be necessary? Or at least a glass of wine. If my kids ever need therapy later in life, the couch time will reveal a direct correlation to the state of Florida’s standardized testing schedule.

Yup, despite deep breathing, meditating, moments of pause and decompressing, sheer panic at the wide eyed deer in the headlight, oh crap what did you (or I) forget instances were possible at any moment! And I consider myself relatively organize for the vast majority of the time.

And if these backpacks & lunch boxes could talk…oh boy, what would they say?! They are weary little soldiers ready to be put to rest. This household threw in the towel on packing lunches weeks ago… “You got something for lunch?” is the question. Yup!” is the reply…okay so snacks and crumpled dollars shoved in pockets as they head out the door will work to fill a belly, and off you go! If you’re not up to packing your lunch, neither am I.

The only thing I’ve attempted to hang on to is, “hey how’s your homework going?” Yet even that has been touch and go and like trying to nail down jello with one, while another dutiful studies late in to the night…and the college kid, well she’s on her own. Hope she’s got it. She sure tells me she does – on the regular.

Laying out clothes still occurs, well kinda. I mean they are clean and in the laundry basket. So go get them. But at this point, as long as it covers major body parts & follows dress code – I am good.

Automated calls, little reminders of end of year events, oh yeah…I’m still in it to win it. Juggling it all down to the wire while finishing up my own 25th year!

Because I am just saying I am done…Done…DONE and D.O.N.E! This teacher mom is ready for SUMMER! You won’t hear me complaining about having my kids all summer long. Don’t anyone on my FB page start posting about back to school sales until about 24 hours before the first day of school and heck, that might even be too soon. I don’t want to even think about it until I have to walk back through the doors. Not because I don’t care or love my profession because I PROMISE I do. It’s just I know what’s up… Target, Office Depot, Staples, Old Navy…uh huh – got it. They got sales and this momma’s not leaving the beach for any of it unless Ab-So-Luuute-Ly necessary. Besides Amazon Prime is a few taps away and it’s delivered right to my door, thank you very much. Count this as fair warning!

Keep in mind, I am writing this from the perspective of mother AND educator, so my thoughts are on a spectrum somewhere that is constantly shifting and moving between tired mom and tired educator. However tired mom is currently winning this race!

But no matter…as one kid finishes her first year of college, another graduates from 8th and is moving on to my high school, and the youngest enters his final year of middle school, while I might be a bit frazzled and worn, these are exciting times and I wouldn’t miss a moment of it! So bring it BABY because RIGHT about now…us parents, or at least THIS PARENT needs to CELEBRATE our children & their accomplishments and this nation wide milestone that marks the end of another school year and the start to SUMMER!

Enjoy people and as always,

Go in love,


  • Kelly Purcell

    Oh how i do NOT miss the maniacal May days of the school year 😩😩😩!!! Empty nest does a body good (well at least the mind 🤪 😂) Happy Summer!! ❤️❤️❤️

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