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Relax, Renew, Repeat

“Be renewed in the spirit of your minds…” – Ephesians 4:23

Some teacher’s count down the last few days of school, some even count from the beginning of the year. It’s cool, to each their own yet I have never been a counter. It’s not in me. Honestly, it’s mostly because I lose track of time. I’m kinda dingy like that.

Furthermore what we do, we do with a servant’s heart. You truly do have to be passionate about giving and being of service to others to belong to this tribe of people. On the occasion I drive home in tears and think, “that’s it, I just can’t do this anymore,” something speaks to me and always brings my heart back around the very next day. It never fails I wake to a beautiful morning and think, “yeah – I got this.”

Some years are harder then others. Some years you have the death of a student, co-worker/friend or family that hit so close to home, you think your soul will break wide open. Some years it feels like everything gets piled on and other years seem to chug along without a hitch.

It is the daily and weekly business of caring, giving, nurturing and providing to some of the darkest situations that are so tangled you don’t know how a child (or in my case, teenager) can even cope but you tell yourself, if they can…you surely can too. Not all stories are bleak, some are blessedly balanced and whole. However, all of them you love the same and you look for the connections to be made. Let’s be real, it’s always been about so much more then just educating.

So no…for me, I like to race right up to that finish line. You know, the gal that slid in sideways screaming, “Whoaaa what a rush! See ya next year!”

Yet with as much gusto as we serve our community, school and students, it is equally important to take full advantage of the summer months to serve ourselves. We have to recharge so that we can create new ways of thinking and being. To be FRESH and READY to serve our students come August. They deserve the best of us, so we deserve to make the best of this time!

So with this single day to go, I have allowed myself to count down the last few moments…and plan my mottos on how best to serve myself and my family all summer long. So here goes…

embrace my inner beach • let go of urban life • let go of schedules • let go of anything I don’t want in my life • be present • be mindful • walk barefoot often • wear flip flops • leave a packed beach bag in the back of my car • breath in the salty air • feel the sand between my toes • feel the sun on my face • say hello to a sunrise • say hello to a sunset • say hello to everyone • walk in the rain • surround myself with family • make the moments • make the memories • complete a craft, not a chore • listen to lots of reggae • eat good foods • revel in the slow days and long nights • put things off until tomorrow with a smile • slow my body • slow my mind • say no to more and yes to less • relax, renew, repeat • purge negativity • read my daily word • recharge • anchor my soul • remember my inner beach is a state of mind no matter where I am but the closer the better • count the birds and my blessings • go in love

These are just a few of my motto’s to live summer by…and in truth, these are year round motto’s that I have been living by for years but simply needing to freshen up! They help keep me grounded during the more stressful times because I never fail to remind myself, one day I will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. So I better do them now!

My list could be endless.

What are some motto’s you are planning to live summer by?!

As always…

Go in love,


  • Kelly Purcell

    Oh how i LOVE all those mottos!!! I want to live every day with those in mind! 🥰 Brian and i just watched a documentary on Netflix about Bill Murray that reminds me of all your mottos! I forgot the name of it but google it! It’s a must see for you this summer 👍❤️😘

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      Awesome!!! Glad it spoke to you! Summers are always an exciting time to renew & recharge and this one will be no different. I will check out the doc you recommended, sounds like it’s up my alley! 😍🤗😘⚓️

  • Cynthia Bauer

    Wonderful article as usual my friend. My list would include to be aware of wildlife, watch the squirrels and birds. It lowers blood pressure. Also, do something to help an animal, maybe drop off a bag or two of cat or dog food at your local shelter. Every little bit helps.
    God bless and thank you for being you Hope, you are precious to me just like your mom is. Cynthia

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