I’ve Got Beach Sand Stuck In My Soul


Hi y’all – Hope here with another one of my Hopeservations!

“I’ve got beach sand stuck in my soul.”

This thought actually occurred to me a couple months ago when I ran across a meme that said, “Excuse me! Why aren’t you at the beach?” It was a cute little picture of a seagull with his head cocked inquisitively to the side and I thought to myself, this is a very good question because just so happens, I have been asking myself this quite a bit lately…

“Why is the beach girl, who’s got beach sand stuck in her soul…NOT at the beach?!?”

I am always so good about my daily rituals and finding my little moments, typically with a quick jaunt over the bridge at any point in the day. Morning through evening, it doesn’t matter. These moments usually consist of a meditation, reading my daily word, a nice walk, some deep breathing, coffee, kicking off my shoes before the start or at the end of a day to stand barefoot and grounded by the water’s edge, taking some pictures, reflecting on the beauty I am surrounded by or even making a full day of it! Sometimes alone or sometimes not. You name it, these are my moments, my minutes for me to design how I like.

Only eight blocks away and yet it has been at least two or three weeks since I had stepped foot on my beloved beach for more then just 10 or 15 minutes at a time! Absolutely it is that time of year when I tend to get caught up in the sports, mommy daily grind hustle…and while I prescribe to the “productive” not “busy” philosophy, it is easy to get in a tailspin!

That’s when I always remind myself to REfocus my energies…and for me, that usually includes the beach. To REcharge, RE-energize, and REthink!!!

So finally, thanks to my girlfriend Mary and her insistence that not only had I not been for a WHOLE DAY in awhile, WE hadn’t been in an even LONGER while! So…we went!

Now let me give you the back story here. This chica is like a soul sister and we are pretty inseparable during the summer months. We call ourselves the “mermoms” and typically get up to some kind of fun shenanigans weekly! Our girls have grown up going to school and surfing together, and we kinda have this unspoken way of where one leaves off, the other picks up. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, low country boils, Beach volleyball, 4th of July, Father’s Day, Memorial Days, New Year’s Day and summers together! Only somehow…we legit hadn’t seen each other since FEBRUARY!!!

For an entire week, Mary had been insisting a beach day was in order and I didn’t disagree at all! Yet I was having a hell of a time finding a block of time to dedicate to an outing! Mary wasn’t giving up on me and thank goodness, her insistence paid off! I simply canceled everything and all the “I need to’s” went by the wayside for a blissful afternoon because time with her was WAY more important!

…and WOW – was I ever glad!

The value of your girlfriend tribe, you know, the ones that stand by you through thick and thin – who you can seriously be real and vulnerable with and never fear judgement is so important! Also the chill vibe Florida lifestyle we actually do live, the stuff that makes us way less anxious or hurried about life, is truly what it’s all about and why we live where we live!

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust

But, at the same time I can’t be too hard on myself on the occasion I do get to far left or right of my center. If I did, I need to trust there was a reason. Maybe my children needed my focus more then those walks on the beach, or maybe my energy was meant to be channeled elsewhere. Whatever the reason, there was a purpose…even if I don’t full understand. I just accept it and like the water sign I am…FLOW!

Sometimes life just isn’t always going to maintain balance even in our effort to stay balanced and accepting the imperfect is what makes life pretty damn perfect. This is a thought we can all benefit from as we find our inner beach!

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I’m ALWAYS looking to connect with people interested in finding HOPE in all areas of life! What are some of YOUR thoughts on finding your inner beach, or the rituals that help you find your BALANCE?

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As always…

Go in love,

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