“The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.” – Amelia Earhart

Hey y’all! Hope coming at ya with a super quick BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS about “HOME”…

Tonight I drove back from taking Sadie for her first little mani/pedi in preparation of her Homecoming dance, we took the scenic drive along the river which is closest to our house and just chatted away like we do. As I approached my street after a very full day of all that I love and pulled into my driveway, I was immediately greeted by the warm glow of lights from my home shining out at me.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my feelings of content as it was simply another eventful day successfully navigated, completed and in the books.

A day in the life of Hope.

Yet, when I contemplated the act of coming home and pulling into my driveway – it felt almost sacred.

Here is why.

In that warm glow hid the knowledge of a distinct feeling of comfort and safety.

Because the thing is, while I know I can rest and renew my spirit wherever, home is particularly where I find peace. I don’t really need to go anywhere. When I am in the peace and presence of MY HOME I am centered in my awareness of my heart, feeling the strength of my family’s love that is ever present and always available to me.

A deep sense of gratitude and security fills me because I am in MY HOME and I receive and therefore reflect those warm feelings into my surroundings with the hope and blessing of my family and am able to confidently carry this out into the world everyday, with a renewed spirit!

To be able to say, I built this – however humble, and it is MINE…creates a huge sense of spiritual order.

I hope you can feel the same sense of peace and order wherever you may call home for it is a beautiful way to begin and end your day!



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I look forward to us continuing our hopeful journey together!

Now – I’m off to see what other BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS I can enjoy on this lovely day and you do the same!

After-all, everyone needs a little HOPE in their DAY and this is just the PLACE.

A place to find Hope everyday!

As always…

Go in love,


  • Lynne

    Dear Hope,
    You warm my heart and are so inspiring to me.
    Your words on feeling at “home” with peace warmed my heart because I too feel so much peace and content being at home. As I age, and I don’t mean that in the negative sense, I find that I find more peace in my heart being at home and materialistic items mean less to me. I’m much more grounded and happy reading, walking my dogs, sitting on the porch and meditating. I love being home and feel incredibly happy in my accomplishments in life as putting myself through grad school and fulfilling my dream of being a Children’s Therapist, traveling whether it be day trips or weekend or week long excursions, basically I had the luxury of being able to live at home while going to college earning an AA, BA and MA and having a blast. I too live near the ocean and that is my peace also. I married later in life, which was my choice, and was never able to have children. I am at peace with that now. There’s a reason for God’s every move. My dog’s, my husband, my family and our home which is my dream apartment, are my peace. We are unable to own a home because I became ill with autoimmune issues in 2007 and could no longer work. A big loss and a huge adjustment however this beautiful apartment boasts sunshine, peace and love. I could write on my friend but my husband is getting up at 3:16 am to get ready for work and I get up with him and even though sleep is very minimal for me I head to the couch to close my eyes.
    All my love,

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