Divine Order

Divine order is all around us. Leave a comment if you are able to spot how divine order revealed itself to me today. I’ll give you a hint #GoInLove

Hey beloved readers! It’s Hope here…wanting to share the love of DIVINE ORDER!

So yesterday I gave a quick shout out to “PATIENCE” because let’s be real…these last few weeks of getting back to the ebb and flow of my more daily home/career/wife/mom/friendship routine has really required a lot of it.

I’m used to managing my life in a pretty balanced manner and this school year, the start of it has proved to be anything but balanced!

I mean, life changes and WHEW WHEE, I have experienced loads of that around here lately…and usually I love and embrace change, but admittedly it’s taking me longer then my normal week or two to recalibrate!

I have a second year college student away from home, new 9th grader attending my high school and an 8th grader who is on the go. That alone is enough change, but then add to that a whole host of additional changes…and yeah…I’m not even gonna lie, my patience has been stretched especially thin despite this Florida gal intuitively knowing this is life…it’s how it goes, take it happily in stride.

So yesterday in my “Beautiful Beginnings” discussion about Patience, I brought up how seasons change and briefly hit upon “Divine Order” – so along those lines, I would like to touch upon that topic a bit more!

The reality is, everything that has required tolerance has been a result of me being OVERLY concerned about the outcome of SOMETHING…anything really! You name it, and it quite possibly will be something I have OVERTHOUGHT. Everything from strides being made toward retirement, possibilities regarding going back to college (one can never be too smart), my blog, plans for my future and what it will unfold all the way down the line to my children’s future with their sports, academics, colleges to attend, and their love lives…

When suddenly I just had to brake check myself! Like whoaaaa, wait up girl…STOP YOURSELF…the world hasn’t quit turning and you don’t have to solve everything in the middle of the night!

It’s moments like these where a trip to the water’s edge just to take some deep breaths IN and OUT with the rhythm of the waves really comes in handy. It’s when I take stock of what is REALLY GOING ON (separating the facts from the fiction I am telling myself), usually have a good laugh at myself, THEN affirm my “DIVINE ORDER” and realign myself from within!

And guess what people, just this morning – the universe showed me how divine it’s order and love is for me in the reflection of another beautiful sunrise. When I say #GoInLove, I genuinely mean this very statement of going about your day emulating love from your heart as best you can. When unbeknownst to me, I captured the universe sending that very love BACK TO ME! To say I was BLOWN away would be an understatement.

So let’s delve into this “DIVINE ORDER” thing a bit more…I mean it isn’t like these words, in of themselves change anything, yet when I say them – it helps me be kinder to myself, focus in on what’s important and be a little more tolerant of life’s imperfections.

I simply speak the words to myself and all parts of me (mind – heart – soul) seem to hear them and respond. Like, “oh yeah girl – divine order – don’t sweat this, God and the universe has us! Everything happens for a reason and in it’s own due time.”

It’s like a little internal spark suddenly lights the way and reminds me that there is order in the universe. It’s my way of letting go of my sense of what I think “should happen” to allow the natural course of whatever is meant to happen unfold. Not that suddenly I can see what is meant to happen but simply that I “LET GO” and allow my faith in what will happen be greater then my fear of the unknown!

This triggers the ability to move forward with a sense of peace and confidence that all is well and let me tell you, once I feel that – I let go! Like *POOF* something magical happens inside, like letting go of the rope that I’ve been playing an emotional/mental tug of war within myself over and the other side suddenly falls to the ground like a heavy burden of dropped dead weight!

This isn’t to say there is suddenly a resolution to whatever was causing my impatience or turmoil, but just simply that I don’t have to solve it anymore in that very moment and I can simply wait for the natural occurrence of life to unfold the DIVINE ORDER of what is to be.

The utter sense of newness that washes over me fully allows me to go about my day seeing the good around me, the potential order in all things and a true sense of excitement, knowing that whatever challenges appear before me will be resolved and best of all, I’m in a better place to see the blessing and lessons in whatever comes my way!

Wayne Dyer says, “This is your past, and whatever your energy level at the time, whatever your needs, whatever your station in life, you attracted the right people and events to you. You may feel that they didn’t show up when you needed them, that in fact, you were alone and no one showed up at all, but I urge you to see it from the perspective of all of life being in divine order. If no one showed up, it was because you needed to handle something on your own and therefore attracted no one at that time. Viewing the past as a play in which all the characters and all entrances and exits were scripted by your Source and represent what you attracted at the time, frees you from guilt, regret, and even revenge.

Now he refers to Divine Order in the past but it just as easily and should be applied to the future! If we trust Divine Order then all of life unfolds in exactly the right moment and time.

Not sure? Try affirming “DIVINE ORDER” for yourself and while it might seem awkward at first, see if it doesn’t eventually bring you a sense of inner peace and well being that awakens wholeness of self and allows you to experience more joy filled moments!



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As always…

Go in love,

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