The Journey

Hey y’all, it’s your girl Hope and I’m doing what I do…when I do it.

Which means cultivating gratitude for my existence in this universe with beautiful beginnings and setting my heartfelt intentions daily!

It’s another beautiful Florida day and I am ready for my next spiritual gift. That is a state of mind for this Florida girl. Continuing on a path I started decades ago and looking forward to whatever may unfold, however fast or preferably slow.

Loving my little groove in life…humble and yet all mine.

I don’t wait for things to be “just so” or I may miss a wonderful opportunity. Times are always right for new opportunities in my life.

I trust the way will be revealed to me because I’m trusting all is well.

I know I am provided for, even if the outer circumstances may not always show it or seem it yet I do not question. Every moment is a perfect moment for taking a step and trusting what is around the bend. Every point in time is a new opportunity for me!

Because seasons change and yet it is all in divine order for MY journey!

And reality is, journey’s are exciting but they can also require tolerance. Ironically, everything that requires tolerance in my journey is also an opportunity to be overly concerned about an outcome. These outcomes are quite possibly something any of us could overthink.

Yet that really is not THIS Florida girl’s way because between my subconscious and my conscious I have gotten right where I want to be.

I feel grateful to have spent my life appreciating nature’s bounty. I’ve watched how the sun moves along the coast line for decades now and the tide pulled waves have taught me, life will ebb and flow and there’s no point fretting about it.

So on the occasion I start to feel those anxious thoughts slipping in, that’s when I mentally brake check myself! I know how to transcend and elevate…so wait up girl…the sun will rise, the waves won’t stop washing the shore, and the world will keep turning and you don’t have to solve anything!


So, I guess it’s another one of my heartfelt beautiful beginnings where I’m say, “Hey you…yes, you! The person reading this…it is going to be okay. Just trust this process because while we might not be in the same boat, we’ve all been through some of the same storms.

Take your moments like these to figure out your place of calm – for me it’s a trip to the water’s edge – but it doesn’t have to be, maybe it’s just to a comfy chair in your living room or sitting in your car or taking a walk in your neighborhood…

Point is, it really doesn’t matter. It’s all just a state of mind!

So take stock of what is REALLY GOING ON. Separate the facts from the fiction by doing some of the following…
• get comfy with your discomfort,
• breath through it,
• focus on the knowledge that you are safe,
• experience transcendence while being present in your awareness,
• have a good laugh, and above all else…
• affirm the divine order of your journey and finally
• realign from within!

Regardless of where you are on your path, know the rest of your story will unfold when it’s time. Until then, simply enjoy your beautifully unique journey!

After all, today is today.

As always…

Go in love,


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