Fall In Love With Your Magic Everyday!

If it’s something you want, you can’t wait for a day to be magically special. You gotta go and make the day special yourself. – Julia Fellner

Falling in love with my simple life is simple everyday…

How could I not?

This has been my intentional journey for as long as the choice has been mine…

Creating THIS very life.

Slowly but surely. One step at a time.

It is nothing fancy! I promise.

But it is mine and it is deliberate and I love it.

So here is my offering to you.

What I’m about to say, truly is this simple.

It all boils down to this.

The minute you finally realize ALL OF LIFE is a state of mind, is the minute your whole life changes.

That is it.


So you might as well get busy falling in love with your life every single day you take a breath.

You gotta believe that even the smallest most mundane thing, is something exciting and new and magical.

So be in love!

With you and your life and your magic…because you and your life and the magic you create…are here to stay. Right up to your very last breath.

Read this again if you need to…


Be in love with that drive to work, or that hundredth walk to the water cooler, or your cup of coffee, or the lunch you packed for yourself, or making your bed or walking through your door at home every day, or the person that stepped in front of you in the line at the grocery, or your wonky shadow, or the weeds growing in your yard, or the mistakes you make, or the love you create, or the way you say good morning to the people who are in your world or the wrinkle above your eyebrow that is caused by the way you sleep…whatever it may be…

Be In Love With It!

Love it and everything you do on the daily – like it is a mental summer time, vacation wonderland, occurring year round…and it is your magic!

Conjure up those thoughts and carry them with you where ever you go and apply it to ALL OF YOUR LIFE!

Be a spiritual love gangster!

Be mindful of your magic and be in love with each and every moment you create!


I always say, waste your time wisely…because in actuality no time is truly wasted. It is all just time that is going to pass, one way or another so you better make everything from the little to the big and all that is in between count in some kinda way that is important to your world!

There is a song lyric that goes,

“Baby, be a simple, really simple man
Oh, be something you love and understand
Baby, be a simple, kind of simple man” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

I always think that song pretty well sums up how to live life. Just live life simply and be someone who loves themselves and knows their own mind.

I will finish off with some great, thought provoking quotes…

It doesn’t matter what others think. This is about YOU. Create a life that you genuinely love with your whole heart and start with yourself. – Brittany Burgunder

Live your life in such a way that you can say “I love my life” and really mean it. – TemitOpe Ibrahim

Take a deep breath and pause for one minute without doing anything! There did you feel the magic? – Avijeet Das

Now…today is today…go make your magic and be in love with it and yourself!


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A place to find Hope everyday!

As always…

Go in love,


  • Kelly Purcell

    This is my favorite: “ I always say, waste your time wisely…because in actuality no time is truly wasted. It is all just time that is going to pass, one way or another so you better make everything from the little to the big and all that is in between count in some kinda way that is important to your world!”!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts with us! Such a wonderful treasure!!

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      Hey! No…thank you for being awesome and always being a reader! You are making the magic happen in so many people’s world, including this gals with your great comments and insight! ✌🏼❤️⚓️

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      It’s for whoever feels it speaks to them!!! So yes…it’s for you and anyone else who can relate! Seems there are lots of us out there that are riding the same vibe… 😘✌🏼❤️⚓️

  • Ann Marie Sikorski

    Just lovely Hope! An inspiration.
    “And in the end
    The love you take
    is equal to the love you make”
    John Lennon/Paul McCartney
    Abbey Road 1969
    💜☮️ Mother

  • Lynne LaBianca


    This is amazing ..this is just what I need right now in my life! Truly you..truly Hope..truly awe inspiring..I need to take it to “my” limit and follow through with the magic I have planned daily.
    Blessings, Hope ⚓

    ♥️ Lynne LaBianca

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