Be The Light!

There is always a way and always hope in the next sunrise, and in the next second, and in the next minute. – Ziggy Marley

Sooo whoa, WORLD!

It’s already Sunday, and nearly the end of May and I am so down for this day and for you!

Yup, YOU!

Let’s decide right here, right now, right in this very moment…it is going to be a truly glorious day! Just as bright as the brightest sunrise I have ever watched rise at the break of day over my beautiful east coast horizon


Let’s be the light!

Even if it shines so bright, it is blinding! As if a person who has been in the dark so long, is seeing the light for the first time and it causes them to squint until their eyes adjust!

Hopefully they will want to come join you and share your amazing light…

Yet, if they want to stay in the dark, let them be!

That’s okay. That’s their decision! You still be that light, for both the souls who are drawn to it and most importantly, for yourself!

The most you can do is use your light to communicate clearly in an effort to avoid further darkness yet remember what another person does is simply a projection of their own reality. It is no reflection on you.

Love and care for them from a distance…but keep your Zen world and dope soul moving forward because if you allow it, they will pull you into their darkness!

And that’s a HARD PASS!

Don’t let what others say or do, EVER impact your positive outlook, vibe and attitude in a negative way!

When things get hectic, and they will…because that’s how life rolls…don’t let anything or anyone change your place of joy!

You know, that joy we all have in our hearts!

Take a deep breath, and remember what is really important to you!

Don’t ever forget that!

We have the power in our hearts to make this world a way better place, each of us in our own special way, even if it’s just in our own little corner of the world.

Continue to be your light! You can continue to shine your light into the darkness, with your words of truth and love! All it takes is one flicker!


And remember to smile, because that is the first step to shining bright!

As always…

Go in love,

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