Take Heart In All You Do


Good Morning to you!


It is going to be a fantastic day.

Mornings are not just beautiful to see but they are beautiful to feel too!

There is something magical about them.

To me it is a smell, a breeze, watching the birds fly into the wind, the smiles as strangers walk by greeting each other in a comforting silence, watching that lone surfer or fisherman observing the ocean and deciding how to go about the day…all that creates a feeling.

It is everything about starting over, a new beginning, a fresh outlook, a rebirth for our beautiful world.

How blessed are we that it happens every single day!?

I hope today you are able to let go of yesterday? It isn’t easy, I know. We carry such burdens in our hearts. All those hurts, wounds, injustices; not just as a society, but personally too. Every bit of that weight becomes so very personal, weighing heavy on our minds, our shoulders, and our hearts!

It is easy to judge, to get jammed up in our hearts, and minds! We tend to start with open arms, flung wide with excitement. Much like a little child. Then little by little, slowly, as time goes on, we file away those slights that feel bigger and bigger, and eventually it feels as though it is this insurmountable hurdle to where you question, “why even try?” and slowly you shut your heart down and people out.

It is far more difficult to understand. Understanding requires compassion, patience and a willingness to believe in the good.

Through judgement we only create more separation, through understanding, we grow!

Yet, I hope you are able to let go with faith, hope and mostly LOVE! Love creates the desire to communicate and understand. Love creates connection and humans were meant to be connected!

Our souls should shine brighter then our exterior bodies! Our bodies are only temporary. Our souls are where we truly connect.

Remember that!

Our souls are where we truly connect.

Stay child like in your hearts…stay open to all the processes. Resist the urge to shut down because in doing so, you make and change for the better, in your life, in other’s lives and on this beautiful earth.


You don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect…you just have to stay open and be willing to take heart!

You just have to love and remember, at the end of the day…that is all any of us want.

To be loved.

Simply. Purely. Period.

Have a day just as sweet as you are!

As always,

Go in love,

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