Life is a Treat, Enjoy the Sweetness

“You are not rich until you have
something money can’t buy!”

Greetings beautiful soul!

YES! You are the beautiful soul I mean!

It’s Hope here and this is my morning offering to you!

Early mornings are when the rest of the world sleeps and this is the time for you to feel like you are the only person in the world…

Take heart in the decadent, tranquil quiet that is enhanced by the sound of the waves, the gulls crying into the morning breeze and the crackle of the sun burning off the cool morning haze or whatever comforting noises and environment is familiar to your world and marks your morning tempo.

For me, it is time so revered, that even the occasional passerby observes each other in respected silence, not wanting to risk breaking the meditative state of each other’s space and place along the edge of the horizon. This perfect moment by the ocean, watching the slow dawning of the world in this hemisphere.

Even when all seems perfect on the outside, some days you may have to make your own sunshine and other days it may come to you easily!

From my heart to your heart, when your mind is positive, and walls are down, that is when you’ll go places you’ve never dreamed and new doors will be opened!

The universe has a wonderful plan for us all, if we could just trust and have faith in this process for us! If we could just naturally flow and get our mind going in the right direction.

You, and only you…are the one who has that power.

Choose to be the light that lifts your spirits and the spirit’s of others.

Yet…on the occasion dark mental clouds head your way, that’s okay! Keep calm and stay anchored! Some moments and circumstances can get the best of even the most hopeful.

Keep calm and stay anchored!

When this happens, sometimes it is best to just be very still in our own thoughts and wait for those moments to pass. Emotions can’t stick to a moving target…but often it is better to allow yourself to feel and breathe through the emotions that are causing pain.

Feel it, understand it, accept it…let it go.

Remaining in your place of mental calm, staying anchored in what is true, processing the emotions and moments, knowing they will eventually pass…just like those pesky storm clouds!

Afterwards, speak life, speak hope and speak love!

Then continue to spread your love around like it is the glitter to life and before you know it, your own place in this world will be magical again!

Life is a treat…enjoy the sweetness!

As always…

Go in love,

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