Leave the Past in the Past

“A bird cannot conquer the sky inside of its shell, no matter how gifted it is.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Hello wonderful gifted soul!

Here is my offering to you on this specific day!

I hope you woke up feeling good today?!

So on this very day, let’s all try to remember, we can choose to see the good, or live a life seeing only that which is negative…

By now, we should have had enough life experiences to realize tomorrow is NEVER PROMISED! So please don’t waste this day looking for the hurts of the world! Don’t do that to yourself or your loved ones.

Because believe me, you will find whatever you choose to see…

The God of your understanding made all this beauty in the world for us to see and marvel upon every day as we continue to evolve and move forward. No one was meant to stay in their shell! We were designed to see this spectacular beauty and grow…

So let’s all pay attention to that! Let that be our focus!

After all, there truly is enough ugliness and pain that gets shoved in our faces on the regular! There is no need to actively look for more…

Be stronger and walk away from that. Hold on to your inner joy and the joy you see or create. If someone wants to stay in the quicksand, constantly getting sucked in…you don’t have to wade in with them. It’s not your job to save them. Sure, you might want to help or attempt to even encourage them to see life through a more joyful lense but if it’s resulting in you losing your place of joy, ditch that! Even on the occasion you might falter, and accidentally join in on their madness, quickly pick yourself up and move forward!

If you feel it draining your joy, because it most certainly will…go ahead and find somewhere you can breathe in peace from your head to your toes. Where the time is right, the sun is low and you can let your worries go…just walk away and find the place of your making that brings you whatever healing your spirit is needing! Continue to find the strength to break from your shell…

“A bird cannot conquer the sky inside of its shell, no matter how gifted it is.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

That isn’t selfish, that is self preservation!

Read that again!

That isn’t selfish, that is self preservation!

You are here to be a beautiful soul, to shine in your own beautiful way, and nothing less…

So let’s take charge of this day, with a heart full of wonder and remember today is today.

Leave the past in the past, stay present in this very day and have wonderful hopes for the future as you conquer new sky’s!

As always…

Go in love,

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