At Spes Infracta

Good morning to all my beloved and constantly evolving human beings!

On the mornings when I write my greeting, it is said with all the love and conviction as if we were greeting each other, face to face and in person! This is my written hug to you!

It is a new day and today we are going to explore the topic of have a personal motto or some form of symbol in your life that represents you!

The Universe is always sending signs. Serendipity and synchronicities aren’t just by chance. Life isn’t just a coincidence. If you happen upon objects, pictures, songs, readings, and truly allow yourself to become aware…the enlightenment of your own personal symbol or motto most likely will come to you…loud and clear!

Sometimes these things may even change as circumstances in life evolve and what may have been particularly meaningful and supportive at one phase of you life segues into something deeper or different as the years go on.

We often experience grief, pain and anguish as we walk through our path in life, however, it can only remain as long as we see it as such. The irony, it can be the deepest most soul crushing anguish which in fact grants us the most valuable gift we can receive.

This is what it means to awaken, to wake up, to see all that is outside ourselves and how we align with the Universe.

Oddly enough, where strong alignments once were, may fall apart and what we think seems impossible and perhaps internally fighting, is where new alignments should be occurring. One simply must be open to receiving the signs.

Do you see signs crossing over? Is something reoccurring frequently? Are the signs pointing you in a direction or reminding you of something?

If so, this is true love and divinity at its core. This is our purpose. This is true unconditional acceptance, bliss, joy, passion, love, peaceful, balanced state in which we realize the pure limitless beings that we already are and the path we must follow.

Enlightenment deepens and requires this necessary process to drill down to what represents your truest self, even if it means change.

It’s whatever has spoken to you the most and strongest, and seems to represent the essence of you…after all, it is about you, for YOU!

A personal motto is somewhat like a mission or vision statement, only instead of you writing it…it is something that already existed, that you’ve adopted, applied to life and come to live by.

Either by choice or by chance, or in my case, a little of both!

Motto’s help you remember what you stand for and all you are capable of. It’s a gentle reminder of your place of emotional, spiritual, and mental balance that helped you through that place of hardship.

I have two that are constant themes in my life, in that they’ve helped me during times of struggle and then afterwards, helped me always maintain my own sense of self at my core, regardless of outer circumstances.

The first is “Hope anchors the soul” from the longer biblical verse, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,” – Hebrew 6:19, and is one I turn to often. So much so, the symbol became clear to me, so not only do I truly live by it but it is infused throughout my life and as a result, I now wear an anchor nearly daily.

The anchor is a symbol of hope…and so it has become a symbol of me. I am Hope and my soul is very anchored within me. While I constantly keep myself open to new phases and stages in life, always looking to evolve further, my soul and my faith in something far greater is my foundation and everything builds from that. It is unwavering.

The anchor itself is balanced and at its core is a cross with four points. The crossed lines of horizontal and vertical represent the spirit and matter uniting. The cross within an anchor is a symbol of masculinity while the crescent moon within the symbol is feminine. It also represents Christianity.

So many people get the concept of the anchor confused. They think of it quite singularly, as in only an object to keep something steady, and moored or tied to something “safe”…holding down or back…however people often forget the inverse action of an anchor. Once that anchor is pulled up, that object or vessel is free to move about or journey to new destinations.

In that moment, it becomes symbolic of hope in how when lifted up from the water of a port, it represents a new adventure, a new voyage. For many, this metaphor is similar to our feelings when we leave a stagnant part of our life and set sail on a new journey. Maybe we don’t actually physically go anywhere yet our head and hearts evolve and become open to new thought processes or perhaps we take a journey of a lifetime too!

A symbolic anchor is raised when we enter a new era of our life, just as when a ship sets sail. We are alive and eager with excitement and hope for what is to come. It encourages us to follow the plotted course and carry on with our plans, to stay steadfast with our vision of the new dreams or goals we have ahead of us.

The steadfastness of that anchor is a representation of the process of our decision-making. It says to the world, “This is where I stand and these are the rules that I am governed by yet I am always ready for new adventures!”

It is an equally metaphorical way to express our inner strength as when the anchor is dropped from a ship. The anchor does not let the ship move once it is lowered and for a person, it is saying “I will not move” as well.

It indicates we will not sway during the chaos or storm that may surround us, regardless of how uncertain things in life may seem.

The anchor is symbolic of hope as literally hope is what can hold a soul steady or lift a soul to new heights…much like that very anchor and hope itself.

The human spirit/soul literally requires hope in order to continue to survive. It is what makes us thrive in all situations and offers that glimmer to carry on.

So on the occasion I doubt something or feel unsure, if I happen upon an anchor or I see an anchor…all doubt fades and it is a sign to me that I am on the right path.

My second and equally important motto has been, “at spes infracta”.

This is still a constant turn to and it literally means,

“Yet my hope is unbroken.”

It reminds me that although life’s treacherous and beautiful seas have tossed me about, crashed me upon the rocks of life, taken me through storms a plenty, broken my compass and I’ve been left to find my own way many a time…I was resilient enough to always come out on the other side.


And not only was I, Hope unbroken but I prevailed in a manner that MY own personal spirit, hope and joy still continued to flourish and went unbroken too.

My hope was unwavering and I found it at every turn, despite any great sorrow or pain and I even found myself coming out gifted with the ability to see that I was strong and fierce and a beautiful shining beacon of light that transcend beyond all the outer circumstances, chaos and experiences.

Life, people, and situations will definitely come and potentially cause pain…yet, we choose if we suffer! We choose how long we stay in that place we know is not for us. We choose if we will continue broken patterns that may have worked for us in the past when in survive mode but as we level up…as we evolve as a person…we learn more and realize those same habits don’t coexist with us in thrive mode!

We choose to find what represents us, and stands for our enlightenment by being open to receiving the signs! We choose, even in the most horrible or stagnant situations.

As odd as this may sound, may we all be blessed to experience soul crippling suffering at least once in this glorious journey called life, so we all may transform and evolve into the best version of ourselves that we are capable of being. So that we can transcend, find our strength and make these choices!

So find the motto and/or symbol that works for you. Then make it a part of your internal personal culture as you ascend to your greatest self.

Live by it.

It will guide and remind you in times of uncertainty and reinforce you during times of strength!

Whatever it may be…yet pay attention, the Universe is speaking.

Sending you beautiful souls nothing but balanced living, hope and harmony!

As always…

Go in love,

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