Patience is Part of the Process

“Patience is the calm acceptance that everything can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.” – David G. Allen

Never hate if something causes you to “fall off course.” Accept it and continue to calmly proceed ahead…

As we mature, we learn how to patiently pursue our goals and hold on to our dreams. Patience teaches us how to be excited and joyful, not reckless. Patience teaches us acceptance.

Patience allows us to see our plan, while also enjoying and navigating the journey, with all its twists and turns. No matter how wonderful, beautiful, unsettling or upsetting those twists and turns may seem, especially as we are in the moment.

It may not be until long afterwards that we can look back and understand the bigger picture. Yet we have to trust that there is a bigger picture and patience is a major part of that process.

Because reality is – life, our dreams and goals rarely happen in a straight line!

Read that again if need be…

Reality is – life, our dreams and goals rarely happen in a straight line!

Not one thing occurs in the trajectory we map out for ourselves…and if it does seem to be humming along, that is usually about the time it runs madly off course!

So instead, have a vision. A vision that you quietly maintain focus on. Hold on to that vision, even if you have to build your own little path…one stone at a time.

You will find your stones and the path will be made clear.

Never doubt if you are right where you are supposed to be. Don’t wish whatever it is you are going through away from you.

Accept it…embrace it. It is your lesson to learn and grow from. Be grateful for this moment, and whatever lesson has been handed to you (however potentially frightening or disturbing) and take from it all that’s packed into it.

See it for the depth it truly presents, rather then the inconvenience or frustration or fear you experience on the surface.

No matter how much we desire to control all our moments; none of us have to know the answers or force anything.

Our job is to trust that the highest and best good of all concerned is manifesting in the fashion meant for us. That everything is in divine order, even when painful or having to be patient.

The power of pain and patience is yours to use as a weapon that causes defeat or harness as a stepping stone to greatness!

The choice is entirely yours.

As always…

Go in love,

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