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Happiest of Days my sweetest sunshines!

Last weekend, I took one of my many quick Florida day trips to get away. I love to get out, with no set destination in mind, just to see more of my state’s quirky and beautiful coastal regions, and enjoy all the nature Florida has to offer! Bonus…it usually helps me get my mind aligned and back on track, especially after a particularly intense week.

So I took off to Cocoa with the intent of stopping in some of the surrounding coastal communities. It was a slow meandering drive – enjoying the scenic views, listening to loads of music, and little stops here and there. I almost spontaneously got an anchor tattoo at a parlor that was so perfectly named, I think if I do get one…I’ll have to head back…because any place named “Endless Summer Tattoo” is the place for me!

Once getting to Cocoa, I had an objective…I wanted to stop at many of the beach approaches, one after the other and take pictures. Seems kind of a silly thing to be inspired by, yet I was and am. I have realized over time that each approach is similar yet different as they are impacted and personalized by each little surrounding neighborhood specific to that beach approach. Many have added their own little touch and it is quite endearing.

Some of the approaches have benches, or tribute pieces to memorialize a local or neighbor that frequented that approach, some have made art pieces and they are displayed, some approaches are overgrown in their own unique way and as a result you can’t always see what is directly ahead…and yet you can see the light peeking through from the end of the approach.

Yeahhh…I know, here I am geeking out on taking pictures of beach approaches. An odd thing to take interest in yet I am THAT girl. The one who can’t get enough of anything in nature and where such simple delights make me beyond happy.

…and as it turns out, it was those overgrown paths I was particularly enchanted with…and as always, these moments of enchantment were a moment to cause me to pause and reflect. Because while I am speaking figuratively here…those over grown paths, where you couldn’t clearly see what the path opened out to and yet there was light at the end…isn’t to unlike life.

We do not always know what the future holds or where a path will take us…yet we know to head toward the light and take a path that leads us toward the most hopeful outcome each and every day.

When have any of us ever truly known what the future holds? Sometimes we think we know. Often, we make very specific plans for our future…but most times life, people, things do not follow our plans.

What can we do in those situations? We can keep on going to the best of our ability. Being open to adapt if necessary. Yet we must always be willing to stick to what we know is right…heading toward the light, with hope in our heart.

The future may not be certain, as far as particular events but we have to keep going!

Writing this made me think of a Bible verse, “So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” – 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal…wow – this is powerful. Things that are seen are ever changing, moving, and temporary…and things unseen are forever. It would seem to me then, that we should forever strive to push forward on paths that may not always be clear to us but are indeed headed toward a hopeful light!

Because not one person on this beautiful planet gets through life without scars! Truly no one…

Yet, we must all continue to be the person who is fierce and strong, while vulnerable and full of a fire that shines. To be that person that can’t be held back because our passion for life burns brighter then our fears. To be the light and hope and grace in the face of any hardship or beguiling charm or ego that can potentially scar you!

Yes…I think forging ahead courageously…on an unknown path is exactly what each of us is charged with each and every day.

To be AWAKE and ALIGNED in your unseen higher power for an eternal reward…


• honor your truth
• know your worth
• set loving boundaries
• validate yourself and others from within
• inspire others to shine
• live unapologetically
• be of service to others.
• commit to promoting others achieving a positive reality along side of you!
• see love in all things.
• seek to radiate unconditional love, individually and collectively.
• do not be driven by ego.
• share information freely
• recognize, value and celebrate personal journeys, both for yourself and others.
• understand that individually, we are responsible for the community good and collective strive!

…and in doing so, you will continue to evolve past this unknown, ever changing living!

That isn’t to say you won’t ever feel down or fall off course!

Of course – we all do and will!

Yet when that occurs, and you feel your energy is out of sorts or as if your life is lacking in some manner, that is just your higher self reminding you of your own higher power! You are more then likely forgetting who you really are and your higher self is reminding you by making you aware that your current perspective is separating you from who you are and what you truly desire!

So continue to take whatever path aligns you with your desires. Be a hopeful light in a world where darkness seems to creep in because as long as you continue to understand your heart and your enlightenment, you will remain beautiful!

You woke up this morning to shine!

So shine…and shine like sunshine, with the rays of you inner soul shining outward and continue down your life’s path that simply “IS” enlightened and hopeful!

As always…

Go in love,

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