Be A Spiritual Badass!

Hey beautiful people! So I’ve been on a little hiatus this last month…but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about life…a LOT!

So let me hit you up with this question…or three…?

Are You A Spiritual Badass!?

How do you feel when you hear that?

Do you agree, or do you tell yourself all the ways you are not?

Through out life, we may occasionally doubt ourselves and our spirituality.

This is normal…

However, what is NOT normal is to stay in that negative head space!

So imagine living a truly spiritual badass life. What would your life look like? What choices would you make?

Here are just some simple thoughts on how to live your best spiritual Badass life:

• Unconditionally accept yourself and humbly yet unapologetically live life on your terms.

• Send love out in to the world, always.

• Allow others to see that you are vulnerable. It makes you genuine and real.

• Find your Tribe of People AND surround yourself with other spiritually BADASS humans.

• Find the balance between joy and grief and look for the positives in all situations. (It is the yin & yang of life baby!)

• Develop self-discipline and be devoted to doing better.

• Seek out the lessons in life. Trust there is a reason for everything.

• Genuinely be kind to others. You can’t treat people crappy and expect them to celebrate you or even want you in their world.

• Refrain from judging others.

• Celebrate the people who celebrate YOU and celebrate yourself too.

and most importantly…

• Know that happiness is a choice.

You and you alone, have a relationship with your higher calling, power or the God of your understanding.

When you feel spiritually empowered, you realize nobody has the authority to control your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions, ANYTHING except YOU.

Set your intentions each and every day, strive to meet them and never back down. Remain empowered, confident and unwavering as you manifest your destiny through YOUR positive mental attitude, strong character and good intentions.


Dump all the crappy habits and wounded reasons to be anything less then your best self…if it hasn’t helped by now, chances are it isn’t going to start…and it sure won’t get you to that badass place you’re looking to be!

Take all the spiritually awesome things you’ve learned along the way and apply it to life!

Be grateful for the amazing people you have in your world and those super beautiful moments that bring you the greatest joy. Hold on to them and remember how that made you feel.

Replicate that feeling DAILY by being THAT person.

GET IN TO EMOTIONAL THRIVE MODE by remembering you are a spiritual badass!

Do this quick exercise:
It’s meant to make you think…

• Put a tape measure out before you, stretch it out.
• ONE inch equals ONE year of your life.
• How many inches would potentially represent your life span? 100…90…87…84? We are human and our bodily lives are finite. Really imagine this, it is supposed to make you THINK. Mark the year you pick.
• Now go stand by the inch mark that represents your actual age.
• Where are you? 32…39…43…49…50…60?
• Look in front of you, how many inches are left in front of you? That represent the remainder of your life…
• Now look behind you, how many inches have you already lived?
• Are there more or fewer inches in front or behind you, or are you somewhere in the middle?

NOW…ask yourself…

How do you plan to spend the remaining inches (years) of your life? Do you plan to simply survive or do you plan to thrive by being a spiritual badass?

I had an extremely close girlfriend recently pass away. She was merely 59 years old. Only nine years my senior. She was 35 when I met her. I can assure you if someone had told her she would pass away at the age of 59, the Jersey Girl in her would have told them to, “get the f*** out of here!” That’s just the kind of chic she was. However, I can also say that she freaking LIVED life LARGE! She was the OG of Spiritual Badass! She raised a beautiful family, went back to school, smashed goals, had a career, was an avid traveler, was extremely independent, never judged others, LOVED BIG, always looked for the silver lining, lived life on her terms and didn’t apologize for it. She HUSTLED in all she did. She also believed in something way bigger then just herself and all her actions as a woman showed anyone in her world just that. I cry every time I think of her and I’m going to miss my friend dearly. Yet, I’m so very grateful she was my friend and I learned so much from her over the years, both in life and in death.

Actually, I have learned a lot from watching many people near and dear to my heart pass way before their time. Usually through no fault of their own…and as a result, I’ve been making the most of my life for quite some time on all levels…but damn if I’m not looking forward to making the rest of my life count even more…

This leads me to one of my final and most important thoughts on being a spiritual badass. Take the time to forgive those who choose NOT to be your cheerleader in life. Remember to forgive and applaud them anyway. Chances are, they have their own lessons to learn and as a result, they may not be capable of extending the same grace. Ultimately it’s their lesson, their choice…and it’s spiritually badass to wish them well as they move along.

The bottom line, all of us humans need to quit screwing around at this thing called life. We truly have got only one shot at THIS in these current bodies!

Remind yourself, life will test you with the occasional bitter lemons it hands you, yet you can take comfort in knowing that you are spiritually badass, have spiritually badass people around you and you have what it takes to make the sweetest lemonade!

So keep it moving forward and watch out, because here you come, the spiritual badass that you are!

As always…

Go in love,

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