Believe in Today to Build your Tomorrow

Do not, therefore, abandon that confidence of yours; it brings a great reward. – Hebrews 10:35
Good morning wonderful and worthy soul!
I hope you woke up feeling amazing today?!
I am so excited for you and for this day, and so here is my creative offering that I wrote just for you on this specific and special day!

I see you and I see the wonderful things you are doing in life, in your efforts to create the tomorrow of your making!
I applaud you and all of your strides and I hope you applaud yourself too. Heck, for that matter…I hope you applaud me as well because the collective ALL must be each other’s greatest cheer squad!
I hope you recognize that all your efforts are not in vain. That where-ever you started, to where you are now…WHOA…look how far you have come!
Yet here is the thing…EVERYONE must BELIEVE they are wonderfully made! We must all BELIEVE that we are worthy! No matter where each individual is in their place of evolving. Everyone has to start somewhere…
Read that again if you need more time to let that sink in…because here I sit this morning, at 5:30AM, cycling and writing this and I hope whoever happens to read this, reads it as if I was standing right in front of them looking into their eyes and telling them myself!
I want to tell each and every one of you how wonderful and worthy you are…because you are!
Only I want you to believe it too.
You would be surprised how many people are walking around in this world not believing in their own wonderful worthiness!
After all, what you believe determines your capacity to grow!
Everyone of us has to connect with our full, confident expression and engage in all of our circumstances in life with POISE and TENACITY on a daily basis.
We must believe ourselves to be spiritual expressions of limitless intelligence and that we meet each of our TODAYS with the necessary courage and strength to build our TOMORROWS!
As I take my time to quiet my thoughts so I am able to write, finding my words to express my intended message precisely and so that you, the reader may find worth in it as well…leaves me in a place where I, too, must replace any self-doubt with the belief that I am wonderfully made and worthy of creating!
You would think with nearly 100 published blogs, having been read in over 30+ countries, 200K viewers a month on Pinterest, and some blogs having been saved as many as 2K times…I would no longer question my own legitimacy as a writer but NOPE…even I still question, “am I any good at this?”
So you see…self doubt is not unusual…and yet, it is also not unusual for it to be balanced out by our capacity to find our own personal place of hope and belief in ourselves!
We must all BELIEVE that we have all the talents and abilities to overcome any of our perceived limitations that may plague today, so that we are capable of powerful and joyous contributions for ourselves and for the world…TOMORROW!
So go forward today to build the tomorrow you want!
As always…
Go in love,

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