Your Journey; Your Way!

Hey there beautiful reader!

As usual, I am feeling the love for my fellow human as I rise before the sun, to take up watch at one of my favorite spots along Daytona Beach.

Ironically, it is a pretty barren stretch of the beach. If you aren’t paying attention that is.

It is located along one of the popular tourist sections of the beach, however if you get there early enough it’s mostly locals only, and the occasional vacationer watching the sunrise.

It is one of the older beach accesses that has large wooden poles sunk deep into the sand that creates a divided barrier between the “driving allowed” portion of the beach and the “walking only” section that runs behind a strip of hotels leading to the boardwalk and pier.

The poles align with Seabreeze Blvd, running east and west, dividing the north portion of the beach from the south and in a way have created a life size sundial.

It is this exact set of pilings that is the very reason I choose to go there so often.

I love watching the sun’s movement over the course of the year. You can easily track the sun in conjunction with the poles and follow its journey all year long.

In the fall and winter, the sun moves further south of the poles and rises later as the days get shorter, then it slowly starts it’s journey back again, with the sun rising earlier and days getting longer.

It is interesting to watch the shadows as they lengthen and shorten, with the moving sun and the year. I love when the sun aligns perfectly with the poles directly across the horizon and the shadows fall behind.

I am never quite sure why I am so drawn to all of it, besides the sheer beauty of it. I mean there are miles and miles of coastline for me to explore and yet, I always go there! Often day after day – as if to divine some great answer about life.

These “callings” – they just come to me and so I listen.

It feels as though there isn’t a single question I have that the sun and those shadows can’t answer…only I don’t know how I know this, but I just do…it’s something buried deep in my soul.

I’m sure it’s buried deep in all of us, only I am not sure how much we all slow down enough to listen? I would like to believe we do…it’s what I put my hope and faith in. Yet, just in case, just in case someone hasn’t slowed down enough to listen…here is my observation.

My offering to you, if you will…

After years and years of this, me watching the sun’s beautiful journey and with it the shadows, turns out, as I watch the sun’s journey – I journey with it.

A little older, yet still excited for each new day, hopefully a better person, more loving and perhaps wiser than the year before.

The sun and those shadows have taught me…

Don’t be afraid to start over, AGAIN!

This time you are not starting from scratch.

You are starting from experience!

So much truth is summed up in those few sentences…and…I am so grateful to have come to this realization.

I have been learning all my life.

We should all be learning, all the time and we should feel our world expand every time we learn something new.

I know I have expanded greatly and as I have expanded, I have learned to explore my inner landscapes to better know and accept myself.

Through this knowledge and relationships with the world, myself and others – I have learned how to be a better friend, partner, child, parent…and all around human being!

My spirit of exploration and discovery has helped me grow, as I take on new perspectives about all of life. I also have learned what is important to me to carry forward, which parts are okay to let go of and in some cases fully walk away.

Plus, my spiritual exploration has deepened my hope and faith. I can see for myself that my experiences afford me so much insight as I start journeys, not for the first time but AGAIN!

Only now, it’s like I have the “Cliff Notes” version to LIFE and get to cut right to the front of the line!

Throughout the years, I have walked many paths. Yet my various journey’s enriched my walk and added so much depth and meaning to my life. So much so, I now have an unshakeable hope and faith that all my journeys start from a place “knowing.”

…and guess what? This holds true for you too!

Don’t underestimate the leg up your life experiences provide you!

You get to travel your journey with the expertise that allows you to be smarter, more intuitive, thoughtful, empathetic and most of all, create a path that is more fitting to you and what you are looking for…and what you want out of life!

Embrace this knowledge and don’t ever think starting over means you are starting from scratch!

Yes, you will still be a student…but yet, you also have a whole lifetime of experiences to build from…

…and now you have an opportunity to create and cultivate your path with every bit of your intention.

• Be Excited
• Be Better
• Be Loving
• Be Wise
This is Your Journey and Your Way!

As always…

Go in love,


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