“Rise up this mornin’
Smiled with the risin’ sun
Three little birds pitched by my doorstep
Singin’ sweet songs of melodies pure and true
Sayin’, this is my message to you”
– Bob Marley and the Wailers

From my soul to yours, I say – “this is my message to you!”

I am filled with a constant source of wonder and amazement about all of life!

There is such a deep well of sacredness to every single moment of life, that to be anything less then amazed is nearly an insult to the wonder of it all.

My heart and soul is touched by it everyday and I am so very hopeful that it is the same for you as well.

Yet in these moments, when we should be full of wonder and amazement, instead – we can easily lose sight of those opportunities.

We forget that how we choose to see the world determines our experience of it.

When we face challenges, it is easy to be tempted to see ourselves and others through the lens of our inner critic. Do we use the same measuring stick that we measure others by for ourselves? Do we judge harshly our fellow man or ourselves?

Ohhhh you bet we do…even the best of us find ourselves tripping into that well worn rut.

The difference though is to recognize when you are stumbling along and take action to right yourself!

When you find yourself out of sorts in any way…don’t forget to pause, take a moment to breathe deeply and remind yourself that you are a traveler on this journey of life and still have much to learn about yourself and others!

The beauty of this is that each day is like a birthday! You have been given the gift of time – for how long, none of us knows – but for today, if you are reading this, you were blessed with a new day, a fresh start, and a moment to exhale. The very opening of your eyes this morning gave your soul a bodily presence to take a deeper, kinder view of yourself and others.

To keep this awareness alive, make time to enjoy the beauty – wherever you may find it – all around you! It’s one of the reasons I make my nearly daily trek to the beach to watch the sunrise. I have come to realize this has become my own personal ritual I created for myself to ensure I start my day with an infused energy. I renew my own personal wonder and set my mind right to move through any of the more mundane aspects of my day or the temptation to be judgmental of others.

Those sunrises create a calm backdrop for my day, where I feel blessed with the gift of clarity as I view each serendipitous moment with wonder and amazement!

As I write this, that would be my greatest wish and hope for you too…that each moment of your beautiful life will be viewed through a lens of wonder and amazement…

Enjoy this day, as it is especially for you…

“Being present to yourself in love and with kindness is the ultimate gift.” – Amy Leigh Mercree

As always –

Go in love,

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