Find Your Place of Balance!

“Finding balance is the key in our life” – Jan Jansen

So it’s a big hello from my being to yours as I sit by the edge of the ocean marveling at life and thinking about the many different sides of Hope that make me, ME!

We all have so many different sides to ourselves! All these variations and nuances that depending on the role in the moment, come to play. Some we embrace more readily and others we navigate carefully, some we happily show off and other bits we may not feel so great about.

We hear it all the time…how being a mom, wife, friend, professional, home maker, daughter, sister and overall woman who wears many hats is not easy.

Heck, we’ve heard it so much, it has almost become cliche and we roll our eyes and think, “yeah, yeah…welcome to life momma!” Sometimes we’re sympathetic, other times cynical…sometimes we laugh about it, like “join the club!” or “heyyyy, you toooo!” Often (hopefully) we listen, just truly listen…and maybe offer some advice or insight we feel might ease the burden.

Meanwhile, we are all just doing the best we can…and not just women, men too…

So many use whatever coping mechanisms they have in their arsenal because it can feel a bit like warfare. Warding off being pulling a hundred different directions or the inner critic beating you down when you believe you aren’t juggling all the hats and creating the proper balance…and yet that isn’t how any of it was meant to be.

First, let me say this…it is all garbage! Many have bought in to this myth that says you have to take it all on, be amazing at all of it and keep all the hats in the air!

Second, living a balanced life doesn’t mean that every day we spend the same amount of time on specific tasks or that we always give equal attention to every area of our life.

Instead, “living a balanced life,” means taking time daily for practices that help keep a person centered while coming to the realization that it is all an illusion! No one has to be amazing at everything, and no one has to take it all on!!!

Reality is…

Our inner environment creates our outer world!

Read that again if need be…

Our inner environment creates our outer world!

We can’t expect harmony on the outside if there is discord within.

As a result, over these last twenty years, balance is something I personally have come to appreciate and strive for.

Long before my years as a mother, I realized coastal living was calming to me. It was this realization and deliberate choice to live close to the ocean that eventually helped me achieve this goal and remain in a pretty steady place of balance and harmony.

This mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state of being has always been very important to me. Certainly there have been times…years even, that I have slipped out of my own place of balance. Yet, thankfully – I knew myself well enough to understand that being close to water would be my solace and refuge and create an eventual practice that would help keep me balanced.

Practicing Transcendental Meditation (thank you, Mom) at a young age, certainly afforded me some great insight. The place of calm I came to when I meditated is the same place of calm I feel as I sit by the water’s edge patiently waiting for the sunrise.

As a result, before I move into any activity of the day, I spend time in stillness or doing something that is solely for me. I take the time I need for myself.

So here I sit…right in this very moment. Listening to the roar of the waves, as they tumble over each other, feeling the breeze brush across my skin and through my hair. Taking in the smell of the ocean, that slightly acrid, salty smell while I wait in anticipation for the sun to break through the clouds, in this semi-cool, pre-dawn darkness…and write to you.

Now everyone will have their own way of finding balance and yet, these moments are incredibly beautiful – so much so, I want everyone to see the beauty that helps me maintain my own sense of balance and perhaps in some small way encourage other to find their own sense of harmony and balance in a practice of their choosing.

The amount of energy I have, the amount of energy I can direct to all the hats I decide to keep in the air and the ones I decidedly put down, directly correlates to the quality of my rejuvenation! So I center myself with purpose and in doing so, I create an internal balance – which in turn creates an outer harmony in my life and world.

There truly is a divine place somewhere between mind, body and soul where we find harmony in the balance…and the most exciting thing about this!?

YOU CAN TOO…in fact, every single one of us is capable of this.

Inner peace, harmony and balance becomes one thought away. I only need to remind myself of my tranquil moments with a deep breath in and out and I am there…even in the midst of my other activities.

Now…what practice can you, or do you take time for that helps you achieve balance?

It is time…time to relax your mind and release repetitive, unforgiving thoughts…you have the power to decide which hats you want to wear, which ones to put down, and to find your inner balance.


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