Thanks & Giving, even during Questionable Times

“Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” – Genesis 9:16

Hello beautiful soul…I am forever thankful for you and appreciate all we give to each other, as reader/writer, friend, family, an adored person in my life, and extended circle of my humanity!

I was blessed to see this rainbow en route from my current home of Daytona Beach, Florida to my hometown of Dunedin, Florida on this exact day in 2015 and it could not have been a more perfect gesture that Thanks & Giving is indeed God’s way!

Fast forward five years to 2020 and here is my thought for today, as we once again drive across the state to be with family, on a day that more then ever needs to be surrounded by thanks and giving…

2015 was before uncertain times and before people had a heightened sense of anxiety of both the known and unknown, even in this unique time of greater awareness and perceived consciousness.

Yet, it is upon us to remember, God is love and it is critical that we live in that love everyday. Even if we recognize we are in dark times, or see others as being in a place of doubt or darkness…or at the very least, chosen isolation.

It is ESSENTIAL we still surround ourselves with those thoughts of love and those we love and who love us!

For those who seek and experience a greater consciousness—which at this point and time we will define simply as expanding awareness on a multitude of levels of all there is within and without, it sharpens a finely cutting two-edged sword.

As progressive and wonderful as the experience of greater consciousness typically is, we also become painfully aware of the copious amounts of suffering surrounding us. The loss we tangibly sense and feel on the news, out in the streets, and even in our own homes can become overwhelming. And when we add our own anxieties, isolation and/or grief as well?

It is all too easy to feel as though we are drowning in our awakening and a sense of loss as our entire nation is moving forward through these days of uncertainty…and my one little ‘ole sole (soul) self is no different!

So this brings me full circle back to my original thought…

It is ESSENTIAL to love ourselves and others.

It is ESSENTIAL to be incredibly THANKFUL.

It is ESSENTIAL to recognize all our blessings, even the blessings that come to us in a backwards manner, as they GIVE so much to all of us.

It is ESSENTIAL to create an even greater awareness in our own lives.

So YES…TODAY is a day of THANKS and GIVING and it is an ESSENTIAL DAY!

Only not everyone looks a life similarly…not everyone remembers the covenant between God and all living creatures on earth or sees the silver lining the same as I do or feels the same essential need to make a connection.

“We all want to live a happy life, so we have to learn to live together in trust and mutual respect. We do have differences of race, nationality, religious faith and so on, but these differences are secondary in comparison to our equality in being human.” – Dalai Lama

After all, on this day, when concerns are heightened about these events and the potential outcomes…does being thankful and the act of giving amongst us humans make it go away?

No – not necessarily…however, still allow gratitude and the ability to give and receive blessings be a catalyst to effect the direction of your thoughts!

Be firmly rooted in the thought that while we can not change the things we can not control, we can take action and be in charge of the moments and little things we can control!

Right here, right now! 

You and I have the ability to set a new course of direction for our coming days and we can continue to be thankful for all that is good in our lives regardless of these oddly surreal worldwide events, that we may not always view as gifts.

It can be hard to imagine being thankful for the unplanned and unexpected life events that in the moment may give cause for concern or create a major complication that is potentially life altering.

We are Still saying Hello to a World Wide Pandemic even as we say GOODBYE to 2020!

Yet…it is precisely at these times, we have to refocus and reframe our thoughts to reach a level of love, peace, faith, acceptance…and yes, even thankfulness and giving!

Easier said then done! RIGHT?

To remain in a place of love, peace, faith (whatever your faith), acceptance, thanks and giving in the face of situations that appear and certainly might FEEL overwhelming on any given day!

How do we do this?


Trust that there is a higher plan at work! There has to be a time to let go and trust that by accepting the circumstances of life with an unwavering faith, and gratitude that good will come your way! BE THANKFUL for the ability to believe in something bigger…and that these larger then life moments are giving to us in for some capacity of growth.


Time and again, life has proven that by adopting a flexible attitude and surrendering to the flow of life’s unplanned twists and turns, these events become the eventual unexpected gifts too. These are the blessing we are being GIVEN and can GIVE to others if we want to do so.


Putting events on the flip side always helps lead one to a place of thanks and gratitude. Being thankful and showing gratitude can have positive benefits in terms of overall well-being, happiness during conflicting times, general life satisfaction, cheerful disposition, positive affect and it results in a decrease in depressive symptoms!

So to say I am THANKFUL to the events in my own life and the seen and unseen gifts this last year has GIVEN me would be an understatement!

All too often gratitude is not expressed. Yet when it is given a voice, the effect is transcending! Practice the expression of gratitude. Observe the effect it has on yourself and others.

On this day, I hope all are able to put aside their own troubles or fears about events or outcomes in exchange for a thankful heart with the faith that answers will reveal themselves and sustain the giving nature of human kind!

“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

So today, I extend my THANKS for the BLESSINGS of the present moment to everyone near and far…for your part in making this Universe special, even in the face of continued unknown, unchartered events.

If the love, peace; faith, gratitude and love we GIVE (and are GIVEN) are our riches then I am indeed a RICH woman!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, both near and far and may we live in thanks and giving today and everyday!

As always…

Go in love,

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