I read an amazing story about a “PAY IT FORWARD” circumstance that spontaneously occurred at a Whataburger this past week and it is a GREAT STORY!

I have included the link above, so be sure to click and read it because it is proving to me, my theory of 2021 is unfolding as I type!!!

I recently wrote and posted a blog about 2021 and in it, I wrote,

“I am looking forward to seeing how 2021 continues to blissfully transcend us all.”

Click here to read further, “Hoping 2021 Continues To Blissfully Transcend Us All”

This was based on a theory I hit upon…and it goes like this…

“Yes, there is no escaping how unfortunate 2020 was, and certainly I wasn’t immune to it, only it made me further execute so much of what I already practiced and wrote about with my hopeservations…and guess what, I have seen a hopeful attitude explode WORLDWIDE!”

People talk about the hardships of 2020…and it was terribly, terribly hard and yet I also think 2020 WOKE US UP…not that many weren’t already wide awake or in some process of awareness…but 2020 truly woke up nations of people from the monotony of consumerism, status quo’s, mind-numbing jaded living, etcetcetc and forced us all to hit a HUGE RESET button!

Meaning, this very article proves exactly what I was referring to…

2020 set into motion an AWARENESS to intentional, hopeful, mindful, soul searching, and executing more of what’s right and good in the world and to ACT on THAT and those moments!

To create them and be mindful of them…

Remember the Disney movie, MONSTERS INC.? The monsters would scare the children into screaming to fill the canisters with the fuel “energy” for their alternate world…only the human world was becoming jaded to being scared, as a result it was starting to cause some sinister actions in the monsters world…but then there were these bright flashes of moments when humans were so incredibly happy that it created energy overload to the monster’s world?!? It caused the monsters to have to reevaluate and flip their world around – for the better!

2020 and what occurs as a result of 2020 is a little different but with lots of similar principles and lessons and we certainly flipped our world around!

We had become jaded to so much of life, taking things for granted, some sinister stuff was for sure going on! 2020 scared us, made us small again, reminded us that in a flash something could quickly unravel our universe…and flip us around! Only, many of us put into motion ways to grow as individuals and collectively!

We got back to simple living and started to expand in lots of other ways…for the BETTER!

It is THAT very EXPANSION that is about to explode…and this Whataburger story is just ONE example, one drop of it in the cosmos!

I wrote,

“After all, in the simplest way, it’s how we live a full life.

Maybe that is the truest attention to detail…the attention we pay to others?

Something so small yet creates the biggest impact.

I don’t know?

Only the ripple effects of life are pretty wonderful and so one never can tell!”

If the pay it forward story isn’t one small example of the attention we pay to others, creating a positive ripple effect and the HOPEFUL ENERGY (think MONSTERS INC) that it can create for all involved…I don’t know what is…

I also wrote,

“Humans generally seek the positive up side in almost all difficult and trying situations.

It really is in our nature…and 2020 was the year for it!”

Meaning 2020 pretty much had every opportunity to suck…which it did…and yet, humans found ways to look for the bright side.

It’s how we SURVIVE!!!

It’s what our minds do in order to overcome! We become resourceful and hopeful!

It’s that resourceful and hopeful shift that started small, DURING 2020, as a means to SURVIVE 2020…is going to become a TSUNAMI as we move forward!

We are moving forward into a new dimensional shift people!!! Jump on board and ride this wave! It’s for sure going to transcend us all, collectively, if you grab ahold and participate!!!

SO what small act of “HOPEFUL”ness can you do today…or any day during 2021?!?

Let’s all be a part of THAT and take a second to reflect!

I especially hope you’ll pay particular attention to the reporting of the ENERGY the good will with the “pay it forward” caused!

Read on dear people…and be hopeful!!!

Spread the HOPE!

Start your own wave and send me stories when you run across them! I will remain in a place of hope, for myself and each one of you, each and every day!

As always…

Go in love,


  • Mark Brower

    Not quite there yet but trying,
    The sting of 2020 and what it has left me is still too fresh to compartmentalize and put away as things in the past.
    I am optimistic however that 2021 will be more filling with fresh starts in many facets of my life.
    So here’s to optimism and what good things 2021 will bring……

    Looking up,

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      Grief and all that comes with it is so hard! It isn’t the past, when you still feel it now. You are brave to “soul•dier” on and continue an optimistic journey. I send healing love & light! 💫🤍⚓️

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