Beauty Is In The Way You Hold Yourself!

“I can’t think of any better representation of BEAUTY than someone who is unafraid to be herself.”
– Emma Stone

Beauty is in the way you hold yourself.

It is how you treat people. The way you love. The self acceptance and acceptance of others, your desire to understand and be kind, and be true to who you say you are and how you present yourself.


So today, and every day – I chose to be the most beautiful version of myself; inside and out.

“I can’t think of any better representation of BEAUTY than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” – Emma Stone

I don’t know if you ever noticed but I wear an anchor, an anchor is part of the theme when you visit Hopeservations or go to any of my social media’s.

…and here is why!

In the Book of Hebrew passage 6:19 it reads, “Hope anchors the soul.” There is more to that scripture but I especially love THAT part and so, when I stumbled upon that passage at a very pivotal time of darkness in my life, anchors became a sign.

A sign of hope, a sign of light. Anchors became a symbol to me and are a sign of MY HOPE.

They are what keep me stable in times of darkness…

I anchor myself, my soul, to the truth of who I am.

I do not allow my hope to be broken, and I will always look to the light…in all situations.

That is my HOPE and I am Hope.

It is also my hope that I can bring that thought to others, so they may anchor themselves to hope.

Not to be anchored DOWN…but yet to the buoyant thought of HOPE!

To appreciate all the light and goodness there is in the world and to each other! To truly appreciate each and every person in their world and the hope of each persons tiny miracle.

So be it God or the Universe, or Fate or Astrology, or science or Mediums or Intuitive Readings (I believe in ALL of it)…anyone who was brought to you, however their path brought them to you, recognize that person’s importance in your life. Truly validate them with an understanding of the faith and love that you have for them.

Tell them exactly that and always remember their light.

The ability to recognize and see the light people bring to your life and the ability to tell them, speaks volumes to where you may be on your path to enlightenment.

It isn’t luck that they were brought to you, it is your own tiny miracle…so treat it as the miracle it is and anchor yourself to the light of their moments. Learn from it, open your mind to the idea that everyone has something they can bestow upon your world. Then remember it as the days pass.

Continue to show them the side of you that brought them to you in the first place and they will continue to bloom for you, and the light will keep both of you and each other safe from the storms of life.

It is wiser to hold love over offense.

Fight FOR each other’s light against the really big things in life as opposed to AGAINST each other over the little things that, in the long run, really are only the things we have humanly manifested to reject the very love and understanding we declare we want and is right in front of us…

People and their light will come and go…yet, I am still going to love and choose the light in all dark situations, no matter the circumstances…sometimes it may be from afar but I will love you and I will anchor my soul to the hope of my own light and yours.


Because as I have written many times over, hope, faith and love is ALWAYS a choice and a decision and I am strong enough in myself to be anchored to what I know is the true path…

Plus, I’m not trying to convince anyone…I’m simply using my own hope as a tool to hopefully show others.

Either your for it, for this thought, for me…or your not and that’s cool.

Yet…it is also this thought, to be unashamed and unabashed and exactly who I am that makes me beautiful. That I can and will still have hope and love for all, regardless. It is kinda what makes me and this world badass.

Because you deserve hope, you deserve love. You deserve to be badass. You truly do and you are worthy of every bit of that love and hopeful light.

This is what is truly beautiful…

As always…

Go in love,

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