A Time to Live in Divine Illumination!

The sunrise is the universe’s way
of telling us to start new every day!

It is with absolute certainty that I can say,
it is between the shadows that we find light.

One can’t appreciate the joyful miraculous magical moments in life without having experienced dark shadows!

Without light there are no shadows, yet without shadows one wouldn’t know the direction of the light.

So while dark times seem just that, dark…

…they are necessary because they mark the end to a chapter. Not all endings are painful yet many are and when that occurs they usually reduce us to our humblest point, and require us to search and seek beyond ourselves.


They also help us find our light…they bring us to places of hopeful magic and miracles!

If we are wise, they force us to heal and grow and become better people…

I say 2022 is going to be a great year for all of that, and more…

So while I usually write about my good luck meals or I share my ways of creating heartfelt intentions, which is a fancy way of saying “goals”…yet somehow sounds more authentic and seems less limiting…or thank my readers because for as much as I think people aren’t reading or paying attention…y’all humble me with the most random moments that tell me yes, in fact you are reading and paying attention!

Only I am not doing any of that today.

You see, I take spreading hope incredibly serious. Sometimes it’s hard for me to contain myself and all my thoughts as I’m pretty passionate about it! It’s also hard for me to watch the world take it for granted…and a lot of people do!

Discovering hope and living in that mindful place is literally what gives us life every day!

Even if we do not recognize it as such.

I could tell you all the things I hope for you. I hope you laugh louder. l hope you find love. I hope you magically read one of those deep, meaningful memes or even one of my blogs, and it suddenly changes your life, if life needs to change…I hope, I hope, I hope…only that is not my place!

So…I can’t write about that, and while I plan to do all that, I can’t control a single person’s mindset!

However, I can suggest that maybe there is another way! I can offer and I can hope to inspire!

I can graciously suggest that maybe there is another way to heal, maybe there is another way to move forward that is more joyful and open, maybe there is another way to see the light, or the sun, or the moon, or to find your feather, or a sign from someone who has passed, or to reach out and say I’m here and I see you. I can hopefully inspire others by celebrating my own hope that illustrates a way for others to restore celebrating their own…

Maybe that is how?

I’m not certain…yet I am certain we all need hope, and one way to find that is by finding the light!

In most cases the light can be metaphorical or it can literally be the light of the sun! You would be surprised at how much that light illuminates our minds and hearts and shines on our inner wisdom when we allow it!

Call it what you will, yet I’m calling it divine illumination.

My thoughts…

Divine illumination removes the shadows of insecurity and doubt that darkens our minds and constricts our hearts…it allows us to heal. It allows us to understand we are human and it is okay to feel our feelings. It also allows us to recognize when it’s time to let the shadows fall behind.

Which then allows us to recognize tiny miracles!

Isn’t life a series of tiny miracles!?

I mean, just the fact that you woke today and are full of magic is a miracle!

Yes! YOU!!!

You are magic and you are a miracle!

Do not dismiss any occurrences EVER as merely coincidental…synchronicities are the precursor to a miracle and a symptom of YOUR magical enlightenment or divine illumination!

Those things that we merely call coincidences!

Yes those!!!

We must be indulgent enough, open-minded enough, transcended enough not only to allow them to unfold before us…yet to also trust them for what they are…and trust following them, from one spot to the next…to the next! So that we can experience our own day full, year full, life full of miracles!!!

Much like a road map…they lead us to tiny miracles all along the way! Sure we can take any path we want…yet, why wouldn’t I choose a path full of miracles?!?

Don’t I want my journey to be more beautiful!?

Don’t YOU want YOUR journey to be more beautiful!?

I can give example after example after example.

They are around us everyday!


Keep your eyes peeled because they indeed come in all shapes, sizes, ways, and manners…but that isn’t for me to tell you. It is for me to simply suggest and for you to hopefully figure out on your own.

There will always be light and shadows…it is a theme that will run through all of time and is found in nearly every aspect of man and life. Science, religions, spiritual and metaphysical studies and beliefs, ancient cultures, philosophy, nature, travel, agriculture…

Only ultimately, how it is noticed or to what extent it is recognized is up to each individual…

…yet the beautiful magic of each miracle is there and it is somewhere in the balance of light and dark.

Experience you dark, find your light, find your healing, find your way, find your miracle, find your magic, find your hope, find your balance!

“Truth is the same always. Whoever ponders it will get the same answer. Buddha got it. Patanjali got it. Jesus got it. Mohammed got it. The answer is the same, but the method of working it out may vary this way or that.” Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras

Find a way to make 2022, A Time to Live in Divine Illumination!


As always…

Go in love,


    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      I’m so happy you liked it and hopefully the site too…it was a full day on the couch fixing hopeservations! Wishing you an amazing year as well…you now lead the pack on magic & miracles after the other day!!! 💫🤍💋⚓️

  • Heather Kountanis

    Yaaasss girl!!! I’m chuckin the deuces up, it’s gonna be a great year!! Thank you for this great word of fierce encouragement. May god richly bless you in this new year.

  • Cheri

    Hi Hope. I’m Rene’s sister, she’s told me about you and sent me this link to your blog on Divine Illumination. Thank you, I really enjoyed it. My sisters and I call them “Do-do-do-dos, a reference to the theme song of “The Twilight Zone!”😂 I was watching this interview with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, (link attached) and when the interviewer, actress Annalynn McCord, talked about shadows, my ears perked up because I had just read your blog on them. Perhaps her shadows weren’t exactly the ones that you were referring to, but a shadow is a shadow, isn’t it?…the area in which light is blocked. So when she was talking about shadows and leaned into the camera and said “HOPEfully,” (at minute 33:04) I thought maybe it was a sign, and that I should share it with you. HOPEfully, you’ll enjoy the interview!

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      Hi Cheri! I will watch the video. Is it the video on SHAME? I have read and believe even quoted Sri Sri Ravi Shankar somewhere along my lines! To be honest I have written so many blogs that have touched upon soooo much, it is nearly difficult for me to recall at this point! Come follow me on Facebook Hope Elizabeth Dutton. I do think many people think like “do, do, do, do, do, do…” only I am a firm, firm, firm believer that every single thing is connected and there are no coincidences! Shadows are shadows, both metaphorically and in real life…only it is the adherence of paying attention to nature and her divine that allows our minds to open to the possibility of translating her message to core values and belief systems…so no matter how one comes to notice the shadows…the shadows in our heart, our mind, our nature, our lives…when we come out of whatever shadows or simply accept the balance of light and darkness, I think we find our hope. I will watch with enjoyment and I have no doubt I will find more of my own illumination as well! If you enjoy listening to Guru’s, you might enjoy listening to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He was an Indian yoga guru. He developing and popularizing Transcendental Meditation, which is based more off of Hindu belief systems. I grew up studying and listening to him in my household in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I think you may enjoy him. Thank you again for reading and commenting. Please feel free to share as spreading HOPE is a passion of mine! 💫🤍⚓️

  • Cheri

    Hi Hope! Sorry I missed your response somehow and I’m just seeing it now. Yes, light and dark go hand in hand, and you can’t appreciate the light without darkness. And yes, the interview is about shame. I am familiar with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as a matter of fact, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was a student of his! His Sudarshan Kriya is similar to TM. I do it daily. I’m doing a virtual silent retreat this weekend with his organization, the Art of Living. I will definitely follow you on Facebook.

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