What a good day to be proud of the progress you’ve made!

What a good day to be proud of the progress you’ve made!

Whatever that progress may be!!!

Started a new job, be proud of it!

Started a new business, be proud of it!

Grieving yet still made it out of bed, be proud of it!

Quit smoking, and it’s Day 2 or 200, be proud of it!

Pushed those demon thoughts away, be proud of it!

Kept making strides with your work out, be proud if it!

Didn’t eat the cookies, be proud of it!

Did eat the cookies, and didn’t hate yourself for it, be proud of it!

Gained some weight, and working hard to get back, be proud of it!

Gained some weight, don’t give a shit and owning who you are, be proud of it!

Lost weight, be proud of it!

Gained muscle and doing your thing, be proud of it!

Woke up happy, be proud of it!

Woke up depressed as hell, but managing the best you can, be proud of it!

Still haven’t had a drink and feeling great, be proud of it!

Still haven’t had a drink, yet feeling like hell, be proud of it!

No matter what…be proud of it!

I promise, someone – somewhere is proud of you too and who is to say what your journey is or isn’t?

Only YOU know your story…so be proud of it!

We all have those really wonky life moments where you know you’ll pull it together and whatever is vexing you will pass but in the moment, it feels SO DAMN RAW!

Maybe I’m a little TOO genuine about this stuff, maybe I “over share” but don’t be confused by my oversharing! It is in no way seeking approval.

I’m just the girl willing to admit to those moments because I NEVER want any other human to feel alone in THEIR own moment!

When people feel alone or isolated to their own thoughts, or don’t recognize that they aren’t the only ones, when they have given up hope, that’s when really dark thoughts potentially seep in!

I want every person to know we ALL have those moments, we all have various phases in life, we all have obstacles we have overcome because no one and I mean NO ONE is perfect!

We are ALL going to fall flat time and time again.

There are some who never get flustered or who look like nothing gets to them and maybe nothing does. Maybe you’re simply not the person this speaks too?!?

Only there are a LOAD of people out there it does speak too and they need to hear it!

There are also people out there who would have the world believing they are perfect. Those are the sad souls who don’t dare use the measuring stick they measure others with, on themselves…

To do so would be painful and might require change or for them to own their stuff, and at the very least an acknowledgement they aren’t perfect.

You ever met that person?

I actually feel painful for them. Like it physically pains me to watch them go through life. I want to say to them, it will be okay – you won’t die if you have to admit your wrong or eat a little humble pie.

They either truly can’t allow anyone to see past the facade they have created or don’t even recognize how much they have their own selves fooled!

Please don’t misunderstand or get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having your life together and being the CEO of your world! In fact, that person should carry themself in a manner they can be proud of…

…but that is not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about that SMUG person who feels so badly about themselves, that in order to feel better, they look down, dismiss or shake their head at another person’s dreams, or obstacles they’ve overcome, or hot mess moments, or question the validity of another person’s choices.

You know the one I mean. The one who instead of being real and saying, “ohhh man, you’re not alone!” is divisive…

For some people the very act of being genuine, vulnerable, real and raw is scary or too shameful and it hurts!

However, who am I to say? I would never judge that person…yet, I will recognize them. I will steer clear of them as much as possible. I will keep their toxicity at arms length. I will say, don’t for one second buy into it and you be PROUD of you!

Only be proud of ALL your accomplishments, not just the obvious ones!

You can be proud of ALL those things most people are too ashamed to speak of or attempt to keep hidden away from the world because somehow, someway they believe those accomplishments aren’t worthy.

I promise you, those accomplishments are just as worthy…if not more so! They are worthy of being recognized and you are worthy of being recognized.

So if this speaks to you, in some small way – there is a reason!

There is a spark! There is a light. There is hope.

Own whatever it is you know in your heart you have accomplished and be proud of it!

After all, today is a good day to be proud of the progress you’ve made!

Go in love,

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