The Ground-Up Theory

“The Ground-Up Theory”

Is a theory that said ancestors of birds ran along the ground, jumping into the air. Wings and feathers then evolved to aid them in propulsion, and flight evolved.

The hypothesis is that the forelimb feathers elongated to become more efficient for a variety of reasons.

Maybe one can find themself running and jumping, in an effort to fly. Trying to grow their wings.

Maybe one already knows how to fly and simply hadn’t for a period of time or purposefully tethered themselves in an effort to stay grounded…

Maybe they have forgotten and are now ready to remember.

…and maybe still, some never allowed themselves to quit flying.

Each person has their own evolution they must face when it comes to their own personal flight and the path they wish to take.

Each of us has our own solution to our own life, in a very customized way that answers to our very own core being!

This flight can change many times over and should never be set in stone, because when a person feels weighed down, that is when there is a likelihood to not even fly at all.

Life ebbs and flows, and what that entails is very different…we may be “getting back” to things we did before, or exploring new avenues, maybe we are pursuing becoming an expert in a new craft or skill…but each of us has our life…

…and with that, we have many, many phases and stages to life and it’s easy to see a person in one distinct light for a period of time, and maybe think that is their sole being.

When in actuality, they have many, many facets to their being, and depending on which side of the facet is facing the sun, that is the one that is shining brightest at the moment and ready to go from the ground UP!

Letting go and fully trusting the fall is actually the only way to truly fly your highest…even if it seems as though the initial leap might be painful…

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.” – Richard Bach

Go in love,

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