FLAvorable Mentions

Welcome to FLAvorable Mentions…yet again another play on words in the life of Hopeservations! FLAvorable Mentions is based on a thought that originated over a decade ago as a word play to the sing song phrase “la, la, la.” and a Florida mindset.

You might be asking yourself,…huh?

I get it…it’s just how my mind randomly wanders and wonders.

So go with me for a moment and conjure the Florida lifestyle mindset. We really do live in a Neverland and “la, la, la” is a whimsical sing song that people generally feel when they are living a pretty care-free existence.

Not that we live a care-free existence in Florida, but yeah – life is pretty damn good when you are regularly surrounded by sunshine, blue skies, water and palm trees. Summer time and vacation can become a pretty constant state of mind and certainly life is very sloooowed down. Mostly by choice.

So “la, la, la” became translated to “Fla, Fla, Fla” then shorted to FlaFlaLand. Mostly as another fun play on words that represented the old Florida state abbreviation and Neverland, Fast forward all these years and Florida (Fla), Flavor and Favorable have all come together to represent the mindset, FLAvorable Mentions!

So…in essence, FLAvorable Mentions is basically a breakdown of anything worth recommending in the great State of Florida that embodies the Florida mindset!

Now since I generally prefer to focus on the hopeful & happy side of life, and follow the “Golden Rule” of life, I probably won’t extend praise or flattery to something I really don’t find all that great because I would just prefer to say nothing about those places.

Bless their sweet hearts.

Got it? Good!

Once again, for now…these are solely my FLAvorable Mentions.

So take away from it what you will and enjoy!

Go in love,