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Good Things 101

I have always worked very hard to never pass up the small moments in life or forget to appreciate how beautiful they are. It has been vastly important to always pay attention to these little[…]

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How Sunrises Renewed My Life

For as long as I have lived on the east coast of Florida, I have had a love affair with sunrises. For years, I was all about the sunset. Yet, people change and so did[…]

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Happy 100 And Countin’!

So while this might seem a humble start, I am pleased to announce my baby blog has reached 100 subscribers! Now in the scheme of mega-counts and followers, we all know 100 is a drop[…]

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Why You Won’t See Advertising…Yet!

Dear friends, family & “follow” readers, As many of you know, I started my Hopeservations blog 01.01.2018…and am I super excited! To follow up, I started a Hopeservations Facebook page to promote my blog. To[…]

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“Kick Back Here” At The Fish Shack

Waiting to sit at yet another one of Florida’s smallest hole in the wall, locals only location, the Fish Shack. You stand in the parking lot or along the storefront sidewalk and wait for one[…]

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Who Needs Rose Colored Glasses When You Have Jimbo’s Sand Bar

Having experienced plenty of Florida’s yum to yuck waterfront dining over the years, a wonderful experience is as good a place to start “FLAvorable Mentions” as any & Jimbo’s Sand Bar is it! Wow, does[…]

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Now I Blog Too!

Slowly I have waded far deeper into the social MEDIA waters then I ever anticipated and I better swim fast! First Facebook. What can I say, this is still a favorite. Supposedly it is passe’[…]

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Renewed Heartfelt Intentions – New Years Day 2018

Does everyone get as excited for New Year’s Day as I do?! I know most people get really jazzed for New Year’s Eve…but for me it is all about New Year’s Day…and if you know[…]

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