FLAvorable Mentions

  • FLAvorable Mentions

    “Kick Back Here” At The Fish Shack

    Waiting to sit at yet another one of Florida’s smallest hole in the wall, locals only location, the Fish Shack. You stand in the parking lot or along the storefront sidewalk and wait for one of the two waitresses to come out and yell your name. For those of us raised in Florida, that really is nothing new. We do it all the time, East and West Coast. For point of reference, the Fish Shack is smaller then the ORIGINAL Frenchy’s in Clearwater Beach (if you have ever been there) but we heard the food in this place is some of the best in Pompano Beach, so we had to…

  • FLAvorable Mentions

    Who Needs Rose Colored Glasses When You Have Jimbo’s Sand Bar

    Having experienced plenty of Florida’s yum to yuck waterfront dining over the years, a wonderful experience is as good a place to start “FLAvorable Mentions” as any & Jimbo’s Sand Bar is it! Wow, does this place ever have all the right checks in all the right boxes! Now in truth, my initial reaction was “Nah” when we drove by (not so much because of anything I saw, but simply my desire to keep looking) yet my husband had eaten there before, so we went back. Boy – was I not disappointed! Jimbo’s has managed to retain the perfect balance of open, rustic Florida Tiki bar atmosphere despite the surrounding…