Happy 100 And Countin’!

So while this might seem a humble start, I am pleased to announce my baby blog has reached 100 subscribers! Now in the scheme of mega-counts and followers, we all know 100 is a drop in the bucket. Yet, each one of YOUR drops in MY bucket…represents a little drop saying, “hey, I am interested in what you have to say!” Which in this day and age, when everything pulls and tugs at our attention, that means so much! Not to mention, it is one drop closer to filling the bucket! Although in this case, the proverbial bucket is welcome to overflow!

I will be honest, since I am generally brimming with ideas and enjoy putting them down on paper, I didn’t anticipate having difficulty hammering out the blogs on a regular basis! I was having a conversation with my Mom, just the other day and she asked me how often I thought I might post?

Mom, an avid Pinner on Pinterest! She is part of an outspoken tribe…

She was super understanding and complimentary of me attempting to fit this into my already busy and hectic life. Oh my gosh, just volleyball alone consumes anywhere from 15 to 25 hours per week between the three kids and sometimes more, depending on tournaments. Not to mention career, house, home, husband and simply being full time mom. I am sure we can all relate! So, like anything in life, it takes time to get in your own rhythm and flow…and I am settling into mine.

So far, I feel like I have written more about the actual act of blogging then anything else but this has been a far more fascinating process then I ever would have guessed. So many things to think about and constantly tweak, even in this short 13 day incubation! From wanting to rewrite my home page and/or redesigning existing pages to better reflect my newer tagline, moving things about to enhance reader efficiency, finish my logo, email, generating traffic and followers, continue business branding across all social medias (thankfully most of that had already been in evolution for the last four years) and the list goes on. Yet, rather then get bothered and bogged down in all the small infrastructure blogging bits (that is what I call it these days) and details, I am joyfully taking my own little blogger toddler steps, one trip at a time. Recognizing that this, just like all of life is more about the journey, then it is the destination.

It is not about the destination, it is about the journey!

There have been so many happy accidents along the way of this journey, it reminds me of a little note I made for myself years ago, that is haphazardly stuck in the front of my journal. Just like this blog and each little joyful success, every time I happen upon them, I am somehow cheerily surprised!

Don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones!

Even though I haven’t quite figured out how many blogs I will write a week or what my little routine will be, I am joyfully finding my way and hopefully my one hundred subscribers will get to take this happy wandering with me!

Go in love,


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