Good Things 101

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I have always worked very hard to never pass up the small moments in life or forget to appreciate how beautiful they are. It has been vastly important to always pay attention to these little things, not only for my own sanity but so my children might learn to find joy in the small delights as well. As parents, I do believe this to be one of our greatest teachings to our beloved offspring. The ability to set aside the stress and busyness of life, long enough to dwell in the moment, create balance and find joy in those good things.

So, in the spirit of this, I have compiled a list of “good things” from the perspective of me and my children. They mean something to each of us. As you read it, I hope you will find yourself able to relate, seeing your self in some of these, perhaps make you smile a bit and maybe, just maybe…you’ll be inspired enough to write your own “Good Things” list!

Feeling loved • belly laughs with friends • family outings to go no where but end up meaning so much • days spent on the beach • Netflix nights • nature walks • fuzzy socks • hand rolling sushi • learning something new • volleyball moments that make you cheer wildly • my faith in something so much bigger • the colors in a sunrise • quiet walks on the beach • red tea kettles that whistle • the resounding smack of a hand on a volleyball • knowing looks from your partner in crime • naps in the afternoon • sweet little texts telling you how special you are • perennials blooming in spring • long summer days • fresh oysters on the half shell • wild flowers growing by the beach • cast netting for river shrimp • Saturday night free fireworks • perfectly ripe mangoes and avocados • deep conversations with old friends • beach bags filled with essentials • a new red lipstick • succulents that bloom • collecting seashells • boiled peanuts • new markers • Monday mornings • visits to the Holly Hill Gnome tree • driving across bridges that allow you to see to the ocean • random calls from friends out of the blue, “Just to say hi!” • silver charms that jingle • blue crabs and low county boils • the sunset on the drive to volleyball practice • painting rocks • crew socks • Star Wars movies • surprise hugs from my family • sweet tea in the middle of the afternoon • beach fishing for whiting • finding driftwood • new sketch pads • bright smiles • steaming mugs of mint tea • tilted palm trees • going to see the ducks and blue house boat in the morning • new car smell • traveling, any and everywhere • passing on the art of home made tomato sauce • crossing days off a calendar • holding the door open for everyone at lunch • when my friends give me hugs • waiting for my friends in the morning by the bus stop • finally accomplishing something I have been practicing • listening to Bob Marley on a sunny Sunday afternoon • summer road trips • items checked off a “To Do” list • a new day…


These are just a few of our “Good Things”! What are yours?

As always,


Go in love,


  1. Hi there!
    Another delightful letter from you! I like just about all those things you listed. Do you know the one thing I don’t like? It’s the word “blog”. I have never liked the sound of that word. Especially when I read your upbeat, uplifting, and thought filled letters, blog just doesn’t fit. Article is right either(too journalistic or academic) for the pictures and feelings you evoke so skillfully with your pen. So I am calling them “letters”. I LOVE them. 💟🤗

    1. Thank you for the thoughts Mom! It is kinda funny, I have never cared for the word “blog” either! It seems to much like “blah” or “blob” and so I completely agree with you! I will keep searching for a word that fits my forum but until then, if I do use blog, it is for sake of ease. I appreciate your great thoughts! I love you! ❤️⚓️

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