Happy Birthday to Me!

“If you think it to be true, it will be so because you never imagined it could be any other way.” – Jean Elizabeth Dutton

Try to celebrate life as if everyday was a birthday…for it surely is a daily Universal gift to be present!!!

When I was growing up, I always dreamed of having three children! I even knew their hair color – a brunette, a red head and a blonde but after all the dark headed Dutton’s, I never thought I would be so blessed! I used to tell my Muzzy my dreams, thinking there would be no way.

Her response to me,
“If you think it to be true, it will be so because you never imagined it could be any other way.”

Somewhere in my optimist youthful brain, I decided that to be sound advice and since that was how she had lived much of her life, I suppose I applied that way of thinking to much of my own. This was far before I had read anything about manifesting ones’ destiny but intuitively, it made sense!

Yet, deep down that particular dream seem unrealistic. I mean who could control something like that? How could the reality of a little brunette, carrot top and blondie be a possibility, much less something I could control with my positive thoughts?

So imagine my delighted surprise when over the course of seven years, it did in fact come true! I had no doubts about my brunette and somehow I even knew if I had a boy he would be fair haired…yet it was the red head I was unsure about despite some gingers on both sides of the family. However, the Universe and God gifted me with exactly what I had always wanted, a tiny brunette bundle, a ginger blue eyed beauty and a little bouncy blondie boy!

So maybe my secret hopes coupled with some crazy genes from all around our family were just what was needed to manifest the most splendid gift ever! My complete Neapolitan yummy family!

Fast forward a lot of years and while these little faces have grown, one is soon off to college in eight days, and the other two are newly turned 13 & 12…it is still a wonderful Happy Birthday to me day after day and year after year!

Thank you to the Universe and God, call it coincidence, science, blessings or manifesting your destiny! At the end of the day, I have my little family that makes my dreams come true!!!

As always…

Go in love,


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