Are You a Badass Woman?

Hey y’all!!! It’s me, another day and another Hopeservations!

WHOA!!! So just about the time you get into a groove, life changes a little…or a lot! Right? I mean, everyday brings a new unfolding of our life’s path and it isn’t always just about us. It is often about our parents, our children, our partners, coworkers, friends and loved ones.

We have to be thoughtful of their journey too!

In this particular case, it is about Abby heading back to college and Sadie heading off to her freshman year of high school. Talk about CHANGE!

Sadie is taking the beginning steps of her high school experience. She’s nervous and anxious and it doesn’t matter that it’s “mom’s school” – she has the same apprehensions and fears to overcome as any incoming freshman! Bigger campus, harder classes, little fish – big pond and the desire to work hard to successfully prove herself.

Then, last week, Abby reported for FGC Volleyball Team’s Move In Day. Which basically entailed Abby purging and packing, then we had a family dinner together so we could say our good-byes. As you can imagine, there were a few tears, a few more hugs, and even more love.

She was way more prepared to GO this year…as this was the start of year two at college. It’s also possibly her final year of playing volleyball if she doesn’t decide to go on. My heart nearly breaks at the thought of her hanging up her knee pads and not being able to see her out on the court.

However, if that occurs, that will be yet another growth opportunity for ME to continue my practice of “Letting Go”…specifically my “Sport Mom” hat with her. Like I’ve always said, if she goes – I go. So the inverse of that would be…if she stops – I stop.

But as of now, how this may unfold has yet to be realized. Only she can write her next chapter.

…and that gets us to the real crux of it!

I’m working hard to raise TWO badass women…and I don’t just mean tough, although they will certainly need to be a little of that too! So while they are both at different stages in this development, the message is basically the same.

I’ve taught them – the harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. I’ve explained that sometimes they’ll want to quit. Maybe many times over. They might even wish life were easier.

They may decide to abandon ship and try something else, go a different direction. They will probably cry and feel uncertainty flood their hearts. Sometimes they’ll tuck themselves to bed feeling defeated. This is how it goes sometimes for women!

Sometimes we simply feel ALONE…like no one else in the WHOLE WORLD can possibly understand our personal struggle, whatever that struggle may be!?!

That is our FEELING, sometimes we have to focus on FACT and FAITH TOO! My good friend and confidant, Maria taught me that…

As a result, I’ve ALSO taught them that we are strong, independent women. To be kind to others and themselves but don’t take any crap either.

To lean on their supports when it really seems they need that guidance or boost! To accept others and they will likewise be accepted and as a result they will have a supportive tribe ready to come to their side when needed.

To be balanced, living fully in the moment while planning for the future and at the same time, respectful of their past but not letting it rule their NOW! To trust their gut and that we have faith to guide us.

That while we may not always see the bigger picture, everything happens for a reason and when they wake, there is always a SUNRISE and HOPE!

To take heart because they will wake renewed, ready to face the NEW day, where anything is possible.

After all, your mind will always believe everything you tell it! So you might as well tell it hope, tell it truth, and tell it love!

We are human and every human’s super power is to be filled with HOPE! Everything in life can go on the flip side in an instant, so we hold on to that hope as much as possible.

It’s what sets us apart and sees us through to take action and move forward!

My job is far from over yet I’m not doing either of them any favors if I steer their ship.

They are their own captains.

One is just a little further along then the other but it’s a stair-step progression. I’m simply the anchor they can choose to use if needed but I can also be the wind. Sometimes they’ll use that anchor but I also encourage them to spread their sails as much as they want knowing they can drop the line too.

Sometimes we need to simply hold steady before setting forth on a new journey! And the beautiful thing about anchors, they can be pulled up at anytime so we can set sail!

Until then, I will continue to cheer Abby and Sadie and all the badass women of the world on in this great big journey of life!

Remember to tell yourself hope, truth and love and never doubt your course of action as you sail forward!

So what are some of YOUR hopeservations on Raising or Being a badass woman?!

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