Beautiful Beginnings – 09.06.2019 – It’s a Start

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” – Meister Eckhart

Hey y’all!

It’s Hope wanting to talk about something a little new.

So as many of you know by now – I’m big into quotes, spiritual reading, anecdotals, self help, life’s lessons, philosophical reading, reading physics for fun (I’m a geek, I know) and WRITING…

Lordy knows I have talked about enough of it here, and on my social media platforms!

It’s kinda the whole point behind starting “Hopeservations”!

Now…as time has gone on, my blog posts have gotten longer as they’re based off many of my life’s personal experiences and well – I guess I just have lots to say!

However, one of my best buds – Earl Iler, who occasionally reads my drafts, suggested I shorten them some. Only much to his chagrin, I haven’t. I think his perspective is that I might be getting a bit wordy from time to time! Only then I talked to other readers who declared, “Nope – they’re just the right length!”

So, I came to the conclusion there is no “RIGHT” formula for each blogger, even if there is a right formula for blogging. The bottom line, I’m a WRITER. I write with an intended message in mind, and I can’t shorten the process just because there’s some character length or prescribed method.

Besides, I’ll take my chances – the shares, likes, comments and email list of Hopeservations is definitely growing and I’m getting loads of positive feedback!

Every so often I scroll back, revisit and reread my FIFTY-ONE (WOW!) now fifty-two blogs and I realize that for something I create balanced between the rest of my life, I have written a LOT of good quality content! I look at my share counts on my individual blogs and one, (that coincidentally was my least thought out) actually has almost 600 shares! Whoa!!!

That feels kinda big to a small timer like me!

So hey, for my nearly TWO year old toddler blog, I’m thrilled.

Yet this does circle me back to my good friend…

Maybeeeee my buddy Iler has a point.

*choke, choke*

I mean even I sometimes just want to bust out with a quick Instagram length “Hopeservations” and call it good. Sometimes, I know in a quick moment exactly what hopeful and possibly inspirational thing I want to talk about without all the back story of how I got there…

Sometimes and then again, sometimes not!


I’ve come to recognize so many people are interested in knowing about transcendental experiences and spiritual related topics. So they pursue techniques, methods, and practices in an attempt to reach enlightenment, help manage their lives, etc. What that looks like is as different and varied as each person’s experiences, belief structure and the person themself.

Reasons could be many, but the common reason and common sense behind anything man does, is to find fulfillment. Truly.

Basically, there is a generally incomplete feeling in the heart of man and man has been trying since time began to find something which could fill the emptiness in various ways.

Times have changed. Objects have changed. Relationships have changed. Lifestyles have changed. And from what I’ve mostly seen from human behavior, the emptiness in the heart still lacks fulfillment which no worldly attainment can truly satisfy.

As people are seeking something that gives them relief from the chaos of life and to have contentment and settlement in peace, many are drawn towards meditation and Spirituality – and that’s where I come back in.

I want to begin to share my mornings with my readers more consistently and consciously.

So after thinking about it a bit more, I decided to focus on something I’ve personally been doing for a very long time and sharing on my social media’s, only now I will share them here too on my Hopeservations. I plan to share my morning beachside ritual, a picture, maybe some video, a quote, and a quick thoughtful passage or two to start the day. This will be more formally named, “Beautiful Beginnings” and I will post them here but also continue to share them to my social media’s.

Certainly I won’t be able to commit to this everyday as writing is very time consuming and I usually make my trek to the beach, most often alone these days and no longer on the way to one of the kid’s drop offs. I take my moments, then come home before heading back out the door.

Yet, I want to share these spiritually fulfilling and mindful moments. I want my readers to enjoy my “Beautiful Beginnings” as much as I do.

I can’t promise enlightenment or fulfillment, after all, that’s each person’s individual spiritual journey. Yet I can ensure peace filled moments and “BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS” to start your day!

I hope you will continue to look forward to this newer adventure and join me as we enjoy some beautiful beginnings together!


I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to READ Hopeservations and follow along!



You know me, I truly love to connect! So SHARE any of your own BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS or HOPEFUL OBSERVATIONS in the COMMENT section below! Love a spiritual verse, inspirational affirmation or quote, I would love to read it. It might be a future topic!!!


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PS – Hopeservations is GROWING!

The ripple effects of SHARING the HOPE are wide and far reaching. I’ve been getting personal comments, private messages, texts and emails – thanking me for these reading – so I want to thank you for supporting and being a part of this grow community!

It seems there are a lot of us out there who appreciate personal growth practices and living a lifestyle of spreading hope and sharing observations about life.

I look forward to us continuing our beautiful beginnings and hope filled journey together!

Now – I’m off to start my morning and you do the same!

After-all, everyone needs a little HOPE in their DAY and this is just the PLACE.

A place to find Hope everyday!

As always…

Go in love,


  • Heather Berg

    I love reading your WRITING! You have a beautiful voice that seems effortless. Although we haven’t seen each other in YEARS (can we remedy that??) your writing makes me feel as if we are hanging out.

    I, too, have been told that some of my newsletters can be a bit verbose. “People don’t want to read such a long post/newsletter as it’s the age of overflowing inboxes.” That said, I do receive many emails/texts etc responding to my message. How it touches them. How they needed to hear what I wrote at that very moment. Isn’t THAT what it’s about? Connection.

    I always say, I won’t be everyone’s favorite teacher. And that’s OK.

    Continue sharing, my friend 😍😍

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      Yes – let’s remedy it soon! I love when I read one of your blogs…I don’t think I get your newsletter, I must fix that! We should collaborate in some kind of way! Good excuse to see each other!!! And yes!!! It is about the connection. So let’s connect!
      Go in love dear Heather! ✌🏼❤️⚓️

  • Michelle L Cathcart

    I love to read your long ass blogs 🙂 on the plane. Keep them coming you’re amazing Hope and I ❤️ You

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      Thank you sweet Kelly!!! I am hoping I can keep up! It’s a big writing endeavor to take on but hey I like a good challenge and your the best cheerleader ever to keep me pumped up! ✌🏼❤️⚓️

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      Ohhhh I miss you too!!! I wish we could have seen you all when you were in town. I’m sorry to hear of Michael’s dad. My heart is with y’all! I’m glad to hear you enjoy it! Stay tuned!!! ✌🏼❤️⚓️

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