Keep Showing Up!

Hey y’all! Hope here and I know, I know…it has been a minute!!! I haven’t actively posted to my blog in over a month, which is a huge slow down for me.

Not going to lie, I’ve had a LOT going on in life centered around CHANGE!

Change with my career, a whole new team of people surrounding me at work and the innovative vibe that comes with that, some new roles, celebrating my kids and their academics, while balancing their extra curricular demands, and so much more.

Everything is all very exciting, positive and unfolding as it is meant to, but certainly it is requiring the majority of my focus. So, on the occasion that occurs, I graciously slide Hopeservations to the side until a future moment.

Trust me when I say, Hopeservations is never forgotten as I am the momma of this nearly two year old toddler blog. So while the short term goals might get altered slightly, the long term vision is never forgotten!

Interestingly enough while I haven’t been writing as much – WOW – people are reading!

Like any good blogger, I check my social media’s and Hopeservations STATS daily. I like to see which ones prove the most efficient. So far, hands down Pinterest is my most productive means for generating readership!

I have blog after blog that the viewership is BLOWING me away. I have well over ten blogs that have been viewed anywhere from 4.9K to 17K! Yesssss – that is 17 THOUSAND VIEWS! Now if I could just get that many shares, pins or post – hey now…

BUT it is coming along!

To see the daily generated traffic creeping up, little by little, is exciting!

And that my friends is how you have a long term impact. With the steady climb.


Having said that, as you know – CHANGEALL CHANGE – can take time!

It takes practice to un-learn things, to relearn things, to work at finding the path, (hopefully an emotionally healthy path) and staying on it until the changes come.

The journey can be a long one…and DANG it can be hard!


Long term sustainable change toward a BIGGER GOAL is awesome, but every once in a while you need a little emotional pick me up that can help you stay on track with your plan and give you some PEP towards accomplishing those goals!

Here are three things you can do that will help…

1. GIVE A CALL. Everyone, I mean everyone, has a call they can make to someone who could use it. A friend, a parent, a coworker – anyone who could really use a call from you that simply says, “I was thinking about you. How are you doing?” The trick here is to not expect anything in return. Call with the simple goal of listening, and caring. Truly listen. Truly care. The rest will follow.

2. LEND A HAND. Unexpected help lifts the mood on both sides of the equation. Carry a grocery bag. Open a door. Take a minute to find a volunteer effort that could use your help. Donate online to a friend’s charity. Send a virtual gift card! Do something selfless and with a true servant’s attitude. It should be pretty easy to find an opportunity and it goes a LONG way with the other person!

3. DROP SOME PRAISE. “I love that color on you.” “Your smile always brightens my day.” “Great job on that task!” “Thanks for all your hard work!” Just say something positive to someone, especially if they consistently assist you or are a valued member of your world. If you tend to keep to yourself, push yourself a little. Write a letter complimenting someone’s efforts or openly acknowledge someone you admire. The fact that you are giving appreciation and praise without any expectation of return is what counts.

All of these decidedly little things can do decidedly big things for your mood, but here’s the secret: they can also be complete flops!

The key is in your APPROACH!

If you’re just making another obligatory phone call, that’s lame. That won’t do a thing for you…or them! If, on the other hand, you decided to completely engage in that moment, if you can find yourself completely in love with that little piece of the path, if you can give all the love you have within yourself through the act of making that phone call, then you’re onto something.

It’s like everything else – engage in the peak of your abilities.

Flow is flow, whether you’re mowing the lawn or working toward your PhD. And when you flow, your energy immediately picks up! I recently wrote a blog about it, “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows” (CHECK IT OUT)!

Meaning if all your focus is going toward a change, goal or objective…that is the direction your energy will flow! It makes perfect sense but you would be surprised with how many adults struggle with this concept!

So while your implementing sustainable change, use some of these tools to assist you with staying emotionally PEPPED up!

Find yourself there, give of yourself, and watch your mood change for the better as you reach you goals!

…and remember – just keep SHOWING up, when most people QUIT!



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A place to find Hope everyday!

As always…

Go in love,


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