Love Your Sparkle!

“Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.”
– author unknown

Hello you bright and wonderful soul!

Yes…that means YOU!

The very you who maybe reading this!

So today I watched this very sunrise, on this very morning.

May 15, 2020

…and these moments always leave me in AWE because it is such awesome and powerful stuff!

There is something about watching the day begin, meditating, walking, praying for all others and cherishing how beautiful it truly is to just be ALIVE that is exhilarating all the day through!

It’s why I love it so much and want to share it with all of you and share a piece of what makes my heart happy and my world complete!

So here was my offering for today and all the days to come…

Others loving you is a wonderful bonus, that only happens when you truly begin to love yourself.

Because then, and only then will you know your full worth and you will accept nothing less then being fully loved for the beautiful spirit you are.

Negative opinions and doubts won’t hold weight with you or hurt your purpose to move forward because you’ll know in your heart you deserve nothing less then to have people who want you, for you…

You, (and only you) choose if you let the actions and words of others impact you.

Your power is in your love of self, and in your ability to make choices of what you will and will not accept.

If someone doesn’t want YOU or your world…then they are not truly for you or your world!

There’s no point trying to force anything, ever…

Let that sink in for a moment!

Makes sense?


We are all full of mistakes and failures but we have so much more goodness in us! Not everyone will like the “real” you, and that is OKAY! Yet, the right ones will love you regardless. Even as you grow and blossom, do you’re own hard “heart work” and maybe even falter from time to time.

I posted a picture to my FB wall on exactly this day in 2014 that said, “Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.”

So why entertain anything or anyone that isn’t supporting you and encouraging your best self? Why entertain anything or anyone that is going to dull your sparkle?!

Life is far to short to waste it on cultivating anything less then what is authentically you.

Much like watching that gorgeous sunrise, reach into your own heart, and stay focused on the GOLD in you!

Level up!

Become your own super hero, knight in shining armor with a shield of pure love!

Just remember, some days you’ll shine and some days you won’t.


…you are still just as special as that sunrise and just as much needed and just as deserving to live a full life, surrounded by the same sparkling love you love in yourself!


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As always…

Go in love,

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