Grace Establishes Our Hearts!

“wherever life plants you, bloom with grace!”

Hello to all you spiritual gangsters and dope souls in the universe!

So here is the thing…what each and every one of you takes away from these offered Hopeservations is so vastly different, which is evident from the feedback I am receiving. Yet there is no wrong awakening! That is the beauty of it!

If I am doing my very best in this very moment to create an opportunity of truth and love, through my written words, then we have created an authentic connection where we get to be real about being human!

So let’s jump right in to today!

Faith, Gratitude, Hope, and Love have all been just a handful of the universal explorations and my personal reflections, studies and meditations.

And while GRACE has been a HUGE foundational thought process for me, it isn’t one I have written about.

There is a saying that goes, “wherever life plants you, bloom with grace!”

Having just published yet another piece on faith, and recently had a delightful conversation with one of my best buddies, we delved into the topic of “grace” as we both had been raised with grace as a corner stone to our southern and spiritual upbringings but with vastly different impacts.

I think it is important to transition the discussion from faith to the wisdom of grace and it’s healthy impacts on our mind, body and spirit as faith is partially defined as being a positive response to what has been provided by grace.

Grace has been defined as the influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, and to impart strength to endure trials and resist temptation and as an individual virtue or excellence of divine origin.

To be poised and be able to handle anything life throws you, composed, not cocky, humble and grounded, ability to stay positive, kind, authentic and genuine even in conflicting situations or toward those who may not always extend themselves in the same gracious manner.

We are called by grace into grace. It is grace we are under and it is grace where we should stand. Grace teaches us to resist and to live by doing what’s right, rather then being right.

Read that again…

Grace teaches us to resist and to live by doing what’s right, rather then being right.

Grace establishes our hearts.

Grace builds us up. Grace gives us an everlasting consolation and hope. Grace helps us in time of need. Grace is sufficient to pull us through in all of life’s difficulties. Grace causes us to choose our words careful, and without malice. We are to sing with grace in our hearts and our words are to be seasoned with grace. Grace helps us to understand what others do is not a reflection of us. Grace gives us the ability to ask the necessary questions rather then make assumptions and grace avoids miscommunication. Grace enables us to serve acceptably. We can extend grace and offer grace to others. Grace allows us to do the best we can in any given moment. Grace makes us what we are as it works in us and through us.

Grace is mentioned 212 times in the Bible and is one of the major foundations in life.

Grace is not always easy for humans as many humans have learned to rely on charm and wit. Charm and wit are certainly more flashy, beguiling even. So many humans come from a place of such deep pain, grace is often forgotten.

Grace happens when we’ve been hurt, yet choose not to act from our place of hurt.

So while grace is often over looked and frequently unappreciated; in the end it is grace that will go the distance and is far more genuine over time.

“Your graciousness is what carries you. It isn’t how old you are, how young you are, how beautiful you are… What it is, is what comes out of your heart. If you are gracious, you have won the game.” – Stevie Nicks

Find the grace for yourself and others inside the wounds you’ve endured. It will be one of the most important steps you will ever take for yourself, because on the other side is the emotional freedom to transform your life.


Allow today to be today and go in GRACE!

You are worth it!

As always…

Go in love,

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