Move Forward With Hope & Acceptance In Your Heart

“Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.”

Three years ago, on June 3rd…as I mourned the passing of my Uncle Bruce, my father’s younger and only brother…the realization hit me that both had passed prior to sixty and while not in the same year, this still had an impact on me.

The realization also came to me that in a relatively short time frame much of my precious Dutton family tree had been cut down.

There weren’t many of us remaining from my immediate Dutton family…

This resonated with me deeply, as it felt swift and was a blow to my spirit. My mind didn’t feel prepared to embrace this new normal.

It was then, that I ran across this quote, “Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.”

While, I don’t know who to credit for it, it spoke to me and got me thinking…

Generally life presents changes as a slow evolution that you barely recognize and so it seems quite manageable. The subtleties of life are so minute, you barely recognize them at all until one day you have a moment of clarity and realize change has occurred. Only you are okay with it, because it slowly became incorporated into your world and you were able to digest it, little by little, bite by bite.

Then other times it is a broad sweeping motion!

In one fell swoop your whole world and all you’ve ever known to be true is suddenly gone or at the very least drastically changed.

You find yourself standing at the face, staring it down. Wondering to yourself, if in fact you can accept that life as you once knew it will never be the same again?

Only…as I found myself asking those very questions, something else occurred too.

In the far recesses of my heart, a little glimmer of hope shined through and said, “it may never be the same again…but maybe different can be as good and in time, while still different, that good can become your new great.”

Clearwater Beach, Florida

And so that is the thought I held tight to as I moved forward saying good bye to a glorious past where I was loved by two men, and who I equally loved as a small child. Those men who were these magical giants, and larger than life hero’s to me.

It was in that moment that I moved forward with this new hope and acceptance in my heart, accepting that I stood in a place where I solidly accepted that all that must be put to rest so the future unknown years of my life could benefit.

Bruce Dutton, Hope Dutton and Wally Dutton

It is never easy to find yourself at that precipice…but acceptance is key.

As we age, life certainly changes!

It throws us all kinds of curve balls.

We can either become stagnant, as we cling to the past, continuing to live in a land of memories that while safe, no longer serve us


we can move forward, honoring our memories, yet bravely and with intent, taking fresh and liberating steps into the beautiful and exciting unknown.

I hope as life changes and you find yourself in a place where you realize certain things will never go back to how they used to be, you too will be able to move forward with hope and acceptance in your heart for your very own beautiful and exciting unknown!

I will pray that a little glimmer of hope will shine through for all who happen to find themselves in this exact situation…

As always,

Go in love,


  • Lynne LaBianca

    Beautiful Hope♥️

    Just what I needed because this has been very hard for me..I’m so not good at accepting change easily..

    Thank you..Peace Hope..⚓♥️

  • Fredrick

    You have done it again.. every time I read these it’s as if you’re talking directly to me thank you for your time and efforts in writing these. I know it must be hard reliving some of your thoughts and memories, I just want to thank you again for your time and effort

  • Kelly Purcell

    This spoke volumes to me today Hope as we prepare to move my dad into a Memory Care facility this week. The last 10 days have been a complete shock and I now have to accept this new normal. I am praying that my dad’s future without my mom will be filled with hope and peacefulness. Thanks for sharing your sweet words! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hope Elizabeth Dutton

      Ohhh Kelly…I’m so sorry for these times of hardship. My heart is with you and your family. It is so shocking to our systems and all we can do is pray and hope for the best. All my love dear one. Please take care! ❤️

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