Intensely Intentional

“Once you start living intensely, only then will you come to recognize your self, then you will be surprised how different you are, in your responses, in your actions – In Your Individuality, only then will you appreciate the uniqueness of others, not before. So, start living joyously, Celebrate Life!”
Ramana Pemmaraju

Good morning and Happy new day sweetest Sunshines!

Guess what people?!?

It is time to start living life intensely and with intention!

Every single day is a wonderful opportunity for a celebration of your individuality and it is a unique privilege to be given this opportunity with each new day!

Just like January 1st, New Year’s Day, you can treat every day throughout the year as a mini New Year’s Day! Every year on that one special day, we set resolutions, or as I call them, “heartfelt intentions.”

Only shouldn’t every day be set with intention?!

Every morning when you wake, that is your decision to make! In doing so, make your heartfelt intentions intensely individual to you and then make them count! For the better…

I promise you, with all my heart, you are meant for greatness in your own unique way. Whatever that “greatness” may look like, it is yours and yours only!

I deeply want you to believe in all that makes you different and that each one of those intentions is possible!

So go ahead and set your heartfelt intentions daily and then go about accomplishing them.

One by one!

Some things may be easy to accomplish, while others not so much.

Start with…

What vibrations bring you up?
What vibrations bring you down?

That usually is a pretty good indicator of what should and shouldn’t be a part of your intensely, individual life and where you may start with your own personal intentions!

Trust that!

Some of these intentions might require addressing some of the more challenging aspects of your life and possibly require change. Other intentions may allow an opportunity to embrace the parts of your life that always seem to bring you the most joy and you realize you want to evolve that even further!

This is your life…and only you know that for yourself!


This is no-ones life but your own. These are your ups with the downs, the rollercoaster and merry-go-round of it all…

Allow yourself to truly feel that intensity and all the vibrations that go with it!

Life is a RUSH! So here is a big CHEER to the intense UPS and DOWNS of our daily lives!

Here is to embracing living intensely, here is to our individuality, here is to our intentions, here is to letting go of the things that bring us down and here is to appreciating the things that put the most happiness in our hearts and a twinkle in our eye!

Which leads me to another thought, if someone or something makes you smile or brings you happiness – make sure you let them know! Those types of people and circumstances are pure gifts in your life and meant to be celebrated too!

Just that one small acknowledgement can make a huge difference…
…for yourself
…for your families
…for your friends
…and for all

In the name of love and in the name of your life!

Even the smallest step is better then no step at all!

And that is a HUGE step in the right direction of intensely intentional living.

Continue to keep your minds healthy and going to that beautiful place of intense celebration in that awesome mind of yours!

No matter what…

I hope today will remind you exactly how wonderfully individual you are and you will stop long enough to recognize what a gift your life is…

Celebrate today and every day as though it were New Year’s Day and live it with intense intention!

As always…

Go in love,

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