Find the Newness in Each Day!

“Let our curiosity, adventure and wonder of life never end.” – Akiane Kramarik

Hey to all my beautiful people!

Which beautiful people am I referring to?

Why YOU!

That’s who…

I hope you woke up feeling well and truly good about yourself!

My morning love note is pretty short and straight to the point!

Being here on this planet is incredibly wonderful. My heart truly beams with excitement and joy for the novelty and hopefulness of each new day!

I always write to you straight from my heart…and today is no different! So what I have to say is…cherish your time, no matter where you are or what you are doing! And NEVER, EVER take a single thing for granted!

Be ever so thankful for the little novel gifts life hands you, moments, and people that make up your day! Whatever and whoever they may be…or however they may come to you!

Pursue life and the things that brought a smile to your face with as much excitement and enthusiasm the 100th time as you did the first time. If something quickened your pulse the first time you encountered it, allow it to still quicken your pulse even as time goes on.

Do not treat it with disdain or discard…because the very moment you take it for granted, may be the moment you jeopardize the very thing you had found so amazing and dearly wanted in your life!

Never look at anything with jaded eyes or a jaded heart!

I know, it’s hard! Sure…things won’t always be perfect, but in a weird way…that’s the time to build your character, by learning how to appreciate something even more. In a richer, deeper context rather then simply discarding it or treating it less and less special.

Now, I am not referring to things that aren’t good and healthy for you…or toxic to your life. No way! Don’t try to see that through new eyes…because it will only prolong the pain and that’s a hard pass! Let anything like that go!

Instead, what I am referring to is anything that has brought you joy, happiness, created a beautifully balanced energy, inspired you in some way, caused you to pause and breathe, or even challenged you to think fresh…

When I go watch a sunrise, obviously I love for each one to be breath takingly spectacular…but in truth, while every morning is wonderful, not every sunrise is spectacular. So that does two things…

  1. Makes me appreciate the mornings the sunrises are spectacular just that much more…


  1. Forces me to find something new and novel in some aspect of that more mundane sunrise…

Then before you know it, the morning I didn’t think was going to be spectacular, ends up equally amazing because I found a new way to enjoy it, but from a different and more rewarding perspective!

Suddenly, rather then discarding that mundane moment…I’ve actually fallen in love with it all over again!

I hope today is the day you start to enthusiastically pursue all that ever made you feel alive and are able to find the newness in all that you do!

I hope today is the day you exhale old jaded visions and make way to breathe in the possibility to fall in love with your new hopeful visions all over again!

Make today be the day you choose with all your heart to love this world and work hard to keep it beautiful, fresh and new in your mind…and be thankful your life is filled with so much hope!

Don’t ever let a precious drop of that go!

Sending you beautiful souls nothing but balanced living, peace and harmony!

As always…

Go in love,

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