Surf into this Glorious Day!

“When life gives you rough waves, surf’em.
– Duke Kahanamoku

Good morning sweetest souls!

Happy Monday with love from ME!

It’s my nearly daily love letter from me to you.

Yup, YOU!

So read up and soak it all in…as you surf into this glorious day!

If you know me, you know Monday’s are one of my favorite days of the week and Monday mornings are especially beautiful.


No matter how many clouds try to come through. It doesn’t really matter to me! Colorful or gray, sunshine or rain…

It is Monday and that in of itself, makes it perfect.

Monday’s are like a fresh start to what is sure to be an amazing week! Don’t let anyone or anything make it less!

Time to let all the good from the previous week stay in your heart to carry forward…and allow the things that weren’t that great to fade away.

No need to carry that into your beautiful, new week…

This is a fresh, new, perfect day of our journey!

Yet, while Monday is glorious to me, it might not be that for everyone. We may run into someone who is in some sort of struggle. Who knows what from? That isn’t for us to know or perhaps it is, if that person cares to share.

Regardless, let’s try and give everyone a warm word of encouragement, showing others the world is still a wonderful place despite whatever turmoil they may be in.

We are all in this together!

We may not all be in the same boat but we’ve all been through similar storms, with highs and lows…and life can hand any one of us, at any time, a pretty tough dose of hardships.

Be an ear. Be supportive. Be the kind of friend you would want in your time of need.

Give hope to someone who may feel hopeless.

There isn’t a soul out there that doesn’t want a little hope in their heart and to feel loved, feel appreciated, and to feel like someone cares for them deeply!

Let US do that for one another!

Let US be THAT person.

It may not matter where someone’s feet are planted, instead it may be where their heart feels loved that is most important to them.

Be so bright in your own existence that they feel drawn to you and seek you out because to be in your sunshine warms their heart and soul, and brings them back to life after all that stormy turbulence.

Love the people you encounter today and always love those that openly and freely love you back with the greatest of ease. Remember, if you make one single person smile today…you accomplished a wonderful thing!

As always,

Go in love,

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