Fly and Be Free!

“Wherever there are birds, there is hope.” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

Good morning to all you beautiful souls who I adore!

I am so grateful for another amazing day, just like all the days before today and so, I wrote this one just for you!

The other day, I was doing my normal…walking the beach, when I came upon a set of pilings I always walk past. As I got closer, I noticed five seagulls. One per pole and perched in nearly perfect alignment, while facing into the wind.

At first I took pictures of them from behind. They were like little sentries, facing south, keeping intent watch. Not moving in any direction, as if caught in a trance. I cautiously walked around the front and began taking pictures from the front vantage point. I was far enough away that I wasn’t at all a disturbance and they didn’t break their stance along the top in the slightest!

Suddenly, one gull took flight! Initially I thought he might circle back and settle into his spot, as they often do, just to stretch their wings or get into a more comfortable position only he didn’t…he kept flying as though he were breaking free from the unmoving, unyielding position he had been in with his fellow flock!

This got me to thinking about how our minds are so powerful…just like that bird, he was following the lead of the others…free to make his decisions but seemingly trapped to his spot when suddenly he decided to break free and fly away!

We are what we think…and our life is what we make it!

While life is certainly unpredictable, we do have free will and can make choices!

Some may choose to live in an unhappy bubble, trapped by their own thoughts and decisions, not truly moving in any direction. It isn’t anyone’s responsibility to pop that bubble other then the person who has created it!

Obviously we all want to help, offer advice, compassion, and love…and we can’t discredit another person’s feelings. After all, they are real feelings to them.

Only at what point do the choices and feelings of another impact you to such a degree, you are like one of those birds…tethered to a piling and a choice by an invisible cord, simply because that is what another is doing and you aren’t making a decision to move in any direction.

Don’t discredit yourself, the life you want to live, or what is important to you simply because you got caught in a holding pattern!

Of course the world is full of suffering but it is also full of ways to overcome it. We have to make the choice as to which path we will focus on and where will our free will take us? Do not get caught in their unhappy bubble just because that is the reality you have known.

Want to be your best self?

Be like the bird that broke free!

Let go a little, you will have a little peace.
Let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.
Let go completely, you will have complete peace!

Be your own best friend, not your worst enemy!

Those negative thoughts, subversion and holding patterns may creep in. Only push the negativity from your beautiful mind and continue to trust the hope that has come to live in your heart and encourages love. It is that very hope that can help you find your way. Allow your walls to stay down and heart so open to all the wonderful possibilities you have been excited for and actively seeking! Do not tear down all the good but continue to build with the same passionate, hopeful optimism.

Just breathe, then fly and be free!

As always,

Go in love,

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