Heading into 50!

Heading into fifty with my toes in the sand and a message from the heart!

Good morning sweetest SOULSHINES!

Yeah…I’m talking especially to you!

Today is a special day, just like every day!

Only today I am extra excited because it is my 50th birthday…and I have been up since 4AM, writing this little piece in an anticipation of watching this mornings sunrise and getting a picture especially for this piece!

I have been thrilled for this milestone for quite some time and here it is!

I think for me, turning 50 feels like it is a time to finally put all the beautiful pieces of this life long puzzle together and reap the rewards of the ever growing and flowing gorgeous picture.

Not that I haven’t been doing this for years and yet, I feel more empowered in my life’s flow then ever before! I plan to close some necessary doors and continue with many of my greatest journeys, growing every step of the way!

Some things in life are meant to go by the wayside and others enhance our well-being! Either way, nothing shakes this spiritual OG’s place of peace! I plan to continue to value who I am by honoring the spiritual connection I have with the Universe and those who value their place in my life!

I read recently, “youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art!” and damn if that didn’t hit home with me, loud and clear.

When I was young, I was a gift of nature…yet, as I age…I am creating the most gorgeous master piece that is a work of art and all mine!

After all, it is MY LIFE!

My life is genuine, humble and pretty damn lit.

Which leads me back to another quote, that recently has resonated with me so much but mostly because it rings so true…

“I believe the second half of one’s life is meant to be better than the first half. The first half is finding out how you do it. And the second half is enjoying it.” – Frances Lear

I have used this quote three times now but HELLO! If this quote doesn’t sum it all up for those of us 50 and older…I don’t know what does?!?

Like WHOA! If you aren’t already, NOW is the time to WAKE up. Quit screwing around! Times a ticking and you better start taking all that you’ve learned in life, and apply it…so you can enjoy! While our souls are energy and will live on, these bodies are FINITE! So figure it out…and if you haven’t, well…okay…but do your hard heart work and get it together!

Are you seeing life more clearly or still just talking a good game?

We aren’t in our 20’s, 30’s, or even 40’s anymore…and as much as we want to pretend that 50 is the new “whatever” because we are the coolest generation evvv’errrr…and we are…the fact is, 50 is the new 50!

That’s right…you heard me!

50 IS THE NEW 50!

Embrace that…and get busy loving it!

Soooo…on this very day, I want all of us to realize each sunrise is a gift and it helps us hold peace and new beginnings in our hearts!

I hope you know you have a place in my heart as well! Whether I am close to you or we are miles apart! Whether we chat online, text, are social media Pals, talk on the phone, are face to face, or maybe we’ve never even met at all and you’ve simply stumbled upon Hopeservations and are one of my precious readers, whether you love me, like me or not so much…none of that matters to me!

I still want to say thank you…because yeah, that’s how I flow!

After all, you are a part of the beautiful balance that helps keep this beautiful world turning round and somehow are a piece of the puzzle to my life! Whatever your part was or is, big or small, it is a piece! Forever shining and I can point to it and say…this was when…

That special balance you bring to the world and the piece of the puzzle you’ve brought to my life has been a gift! A special purpose that while not always understood, seen, or clear…maybe brought me great joy or even stung a little…but never doubt, it is appreciated! In some way, each and every piece was a necessary component for my life to grow and I am forever grateful for those moments and your existence!

Always continue to share your ever evolving bright spirit with the world. Keep growing and flowing!

Every sunrise is different, just like each one of us is different! Just because everyone doesn’t get up to watch the sunrise doesn’t mean it wasn’t gorgeous!

So please remember, you can never fail at putting your own pieces of the puzzle together, because each of us is a masterpiece in our own way…just like each one of those equally gorgeous sunrises, you can either work at it and watch…or not…the choice is yours!

Yet, it might just be the piece to the puzzle that makes your life a masterpiece!

Nailed it!

As always…

Go in love,

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