Go for the Gold

“Whatever you are looking for in life is looking for you too.” – Saul Williams

Hello sweet and beautiful SOUL!

It’s your girl Hope and I’m doing what I do…when I do it.

Which means continuing my story with beautiful beginnings and setting my heartfelt intentions daily. This is my hopeful offering to you…for today…

Each one of us is our own personal and professional spiritual gangster…evolving in whatever way works best for us, at the time, space and pace we find ourselves in at that very moment.

It is whatever each person has to do at that time in their life, in order to be whole and wholesome!

So each day is going to be YOUR day and YOUR story.

Your day, your story will turn out exactly as your mindset allows it to play out because your mind believes what you tell it!


Tell it good things.
Tell it words of wisdom.
Tell it to kick ass,
Tell it loving thoughts and for sure,
Tell it the truth!

Thoughts can run either direction, positive or negative…and ruin so many amazing opportunities if you suddenly start to feed yourself negative fuel. So you might as well stop that in it’s tracks and put yourself on a steady positive diet.

I’m not saying be a positivity toxic person. Definitely don’t be fake but certainly live in a place of hope and validation for yourself!

Don’t let distrust from your past plague your mind and set you up to shut down or ruin what was bringing you hope, healing and happiness.

So if you happened to stumble upon a thing that sparkles, some way, some how…and it got your energy vibration up and smiling…then what are you doing?

Don’t reject that!

That’s not what you should back away from! You should continue your journey toward that…

You can’t let perceived misunderstandings or miscommunication or fear or any of the reasons you tell yourself why ‘it isn’t’ or you ‘shouldn’t’ be what keeps you from going after that very thing!

Remember that old saying, “not all that glitters is Gold.” Well guess what, sometimes what glitters IS actually GOLD and simply requires time, patience and polish!

Live with a genuine heart that loves like wildfire, all passion and courage and strength! Be the person that can’t be stopped once your heart is set on it. Be the person that doesn’t shut down.

Because if that very sparkle, still shines for you, even after you tried to put it out…then that is something to be treasured.

We all have had to face struggles in our lives, and some more then others, yet they only make us stronger and wiser if we allow it…and by stronger, I don’t mean hard and rigid. I mean open, curious to new thoughts, flexible, able to lead with your heart, connected, whole and with the ability to evolve and grow.

No doubt pain increases, as your consciousness to being in touch with yourself and others increases. That’s just the price to be paid…only you don’t close a book just because you don’t like a few pages of the story. Which is true for your life too. You don’t quit living simply because life can hurt!

The more fearless a person is, the more they live from their heart. That might just be your superpower. It might just be the very thing that makes people love you the most!

You are your own life’s work. Your own story. A new chapter can always start. Only you do have to finish some chapters before you start your next! You have to meet every character, and write every line that is meant to be written. You have to live out each plot and plot twist. There is no cliff notes version. Sure, you won’t enjoy every moment of it…heck, some chapters may break your heart…and some chapters you will never want to have end or maybe you want them to end, so you can start a new one. Regardless…it all takes time and the story will reveal its self as it is meant to. That is just how life works. Yet, it is your story and it’s never too late to start your newest page turner!

Stories keep the world revolving!

Humans and their never ending capacity to love keep the world revolving!

Remember, “whatever you are looking for in life is looking for you too.” – Saul Williams

Create today what you want tomorrow. Go after that gold and don’t miss out on living and loving and telling your story…to both yourself and others!

As always…

Go in love,

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