Hoping 2021 Continues To Blissfully Transcend Us All

Soaring into 2021!

Good SUNDAY day and end of the first full week of 2021 to my beautiful SUNSHINE SOULS!

All you people…you know who you are!

The people who are “hope-aholics”
and have that special twinkle in their eye!

Happy New Year 2021 and Happy New Year to Hopeservations!

It was January 1, 2018 that Hopeservations and “A Place to Find Hope Everyday” entered the world!

For me “Hopeservations” has been a part of my world for a lifetime despite it technically still being a toddler!

So I want to say, “Thank you today and everyday!” because any day you take the few minutes to read what I’ve written – is a special gift to me!

Whether you’ve stumbled upon Hopeservations by chance, or know me personally and keep up with what I publish, have become a part of my peripheral world and realized, “I dig what this chic writes,” or caught up with my writing through one of my projects – either way – I am forever grateful for each and everyone of you!

This leads me to an observation…


I am no guru or philosopher. I have no magic answers, wand or am even anyone remotely important…yet I have come to learn a few things in my brief 50 years in this Universe.

We are all good at something.
We are all smart, in some way…
We are all beautiful, inside and out, however unique each one of us may be.

And what I am about to say, is something I have said so many times but it needs repeating on a regular basis…

What makes this world a better place is when we begin to truly love ourselves! Our strange, funny, imperfectly beautiful, perfect silly selves…where ever we are in our own journey…to find inner peace in who we are, and accept it.

Everyone is different, and we are made that way…on purpose…to celebrate, be grateful for ourselves and others, bring as many people into a place of intentional light as possible…and yes, sometimes that can be a pretty hard journey!

Only never let anyone…I mean anyone, dim your special light!

There really are plenty of people in this world who may not find value in you, feel entitled to make their unnecessary comments, judgements or assume they come from a greater place of enlightenment…and they feel perfectly okay with trodding on another person’s place of happiness because in some small way, it makes them feel better.

Just remember, they must not be in a good place themself.

Maybe everyone won’t understand your journey or any of your endeavors that you are passionately pursuing…or even want to be a part of that…

Maybe they feel their journey doesn’t include you.

That is okay too.

Let it go.

Then other times, you’ll have people in your life who truly, genuinely want to be a part of your world and work hard to understand you.

Your role is to discern those two sets of people, let the first set go and hopefully be excited for and value the second set.


I have also learned that the one really unique things that makes me, ME…is I am so very HOPEFUL. All. The. Time!

Not super original yet it is true…and I’ve been writing about it since Day ONE!

I am Hope and I embody a hopeful attitude and demeanor pretty steadily…

So guess what?!

I created, “A place to find hope everyday,” because I truly welcome people to my world, with the hope that they find hope…

I will take on just about any walk with just about anyone, at any time. Sometimes a walk they weren’t anticipating or expecting…but for some reason find they are having and I happen to join along. Most people find it comforting, everyone usually learns something and at the very least – it’s entertaining.

And guess what, even at 50, I still encounter people that don’t quite get everything I am actively making choices to include in my life, and since every one perceives something from their own place of understanding and not mine…chance are they don’t always get what I am doing or thinking…or even why?

AGAIN…that is okay!

It offers an opportunity for dialogue and fun conversation…or maybe even good-byes!

If everyone was exactly like minded, wouldn’t that be such a BORE!?!

Besides, I’m going to keep doing what I want to do because it somehow fits in my own personal frameworks of INTENTIONAL hopeful, healthy, and happy living!

Hopeful, healthy, happy…that’s pretty much my approach to life these days and all days really, even in the face of challenging times.

Maybe staying in touch with a friend, reaching out regularly to others or setting intentions to stay connected is your way to never have any regrets.

After-all, in the simplest way, it’s how we live a full life.

Maybe that is the truest attention to detail…the attention we pay to others?

Something so small, yet creates the biggest impact.

I don’t know?

Only the ripple effects of life are pretty wonderful and so one never can tell!

Maybe you are a part of that journey, maybe you aren’t?

Ultimately, it’s my walk, just as it’s your walk too!

My practice to evolve is mine and mine alone…

Which gets me to this…


2020 was an odd and awful year for so many…world wide…yet in actuality, it was one of my (and many others) best years in so many ways.

This has been a reoccurring theme in conversation across the board with loads of people, both in person and across social media.

So as a result, I feel it will lead to an even better year in 2021, as it has brought great awareness to so many. I believe it collectively helped many get in touch with themselves and what was most important!

So as we move forward, the greater good of us all will be positively impacted!

Yes, there is no escaping how unfortunate 2020 was and certainly I wasn’t immune to it, only it really made me further execute so much of what I already practiced and wrote about with my hopeservations…and guess what, I have seen a hopeful attitude explode WORLDWIDE!

Humans generally seek the positive up side in almost all difficult and trying situations.

It really is in our nature…and this was the year for it!

This was a year that gave me lots of extra time to find myself again and regroup as I headed into my 50’s…so for me, while challenging – it has been an equally wonderful, soul searching year.

Just when you think you know yourself, you find a whole new depth of self that is so amazing and delicious…and you want to explore and savor more…2020 afforded me that opportunity.

So now…I am looking forward to seeing how 2021 continues to blissfully transcend us all.

We have 51 more weeks to find out!!!

I hope you will continue to find hope in all your worldly observations and follow along here as we continue cultivating our hopeful, healthy and happy journey in 2021!

As always…

Go in love,


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