Droplets of Time

Well, well, well my sweetest SUNSHINES!

Happy day today…or any day really!!!

So as all y’all (yeah in the south, we say “all y’all”…it’s like the super size of y’all) have probably noticed, I talk about meditation and sunrises and practices and habits a lot and for a reason!

I do my morning practice and while I have yet to become some quasi wannabe zen master (although this is an ever evolving process, so keep your eye on this lady)…this girl does speak a little Yoda – so here comes today’s offering!

Know that moments of happiness are fleeting. They come and go, and being aware of this actually heightens the feeling of happiness when they occur because you are able to live more in the moment.

It is really okay to look forward to good things that may happen but counting on these for your happiness isn’t the best choice!

Be in the moment now, and in your future, be in that moment.

Know they will pass as part of the flow of your life…and once they do, yes – you can revisit some of those pasts…but they are a past for a reason.


…and that’s okay. Sometimes that may hurt, feel the hurt of that NOW…but don’t stay in one place waiting, or not moving forward, or looking back.

They aren’t the TRUE “NOW” or the now of your future!

I think of it this way… it’s great to look forward to something (anything really) in anticipation and excitement of “IT”…only don’t forget to see what is NOW!

Just as it is great to revisit memories from your past in remembrance of “IT”…only don’t forget to see what is NOW!

How many times have I written about not missing the small moments that happen each day, that we often overlook…

Right now I am awake. Right now I am well rested. Right now I get to chose what amazing, fantastic black outfit to put on for my day. Right now I get to write and click publish and send this message out into the world with the “HOPES” that someone will read it in their now. Right now I feel happy and am thankful for the simplicity of my life.

Are there things I am looking forward to?

Ohhhh yes, so very much so! Two hands up, raise the roof yesssss!

My hopeful, healthy and happy SELF plans to claim those future NOWS too and when I do, they will forever be a part of me…

There really is no other way.

I have seen it.

Just as twenty sentences ago was my now and I saw that, right in the very moment I chose the words to type…and now it is a part of my past…but it is still a part of me. I wrote that, it will forever be mine and will forever be a part of a moments that was a part of my life.

Only…I am focusing on the “RIGHT NOW!” Moment by moment. Instance by instance. Sentence by sentence. Word by word.

Let each NOW be an exquisite moment. Each a precious encapsulated droplet of time!

So…is there something you are looking forward to?

Only what are you doing RIGHT NOW?

Does it bring you any certain feeling? Are you treating it as an exquisite, precious encapsulated droplet of time?

Today I am here, right NOW and I am preparing for the remainder of my NOWS however many may come and however they unfold and I’m SO very thankful for being able to be in this NOW.

Right now!

Tell me about your now…and tell me about your future NOWS that you are excited for.

Drop me a comment and as always…

Go in love,


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